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I am Curious as to which Ships KDF Players players players buy the most of.

My list is as follows:

Klingon Defense Force B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit (B'rel) - 2000
Orion Marauder Patrol Cruiser - 2000
Klingon Defense Force To'Duj Fighter - 500
Orion Dacoit Flight-Deck Cruiser - 1500
Orion Corsair Flight-Deck Cruiser - 1500
Klingon Defense Force Bortasqu' Bundle - 5000

I am not that fond of the Botasqu' and use it more as a social RP ship for bringing friends on. I Tend to favor my Marauder on my 4 maxed KDF toons as my standard ship when actually playing. When not playing the Marauder it is the Qin Mirror more than the B'rel even.

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