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12-10-2012, 09:26 AM
Nope, this is strictly PVE/STF material.
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12-10-2012, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
Meh. I can't be bothered to work up a specialized build just for PvP. The rewards aren't worth the investment of time. And really, how many times do I need to be murdered by warp plasma/tychen's rift/subnuke Klingon spam anyway?
I get you on the rewards, at least from an in game currency aspect. But I would suggest that you would be "murdered" less often if you adapted your build for PvP, and at that point you might actually have some fun.

Originally Posted by ericsonxx View Post
Nope, this is strictly PVE/STF material.
Then it's tric mines, all day, every day. Keybind "I love the smell of trico in the morning" for after you erase a tac cube.
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01-14-2013, 05:40 AM
Thought I'd share my D'Kora build


Set 1
4 x Tetryon Cannon Mk XII [acc]x3
3 x Tetryon Turret Mk XII [acc]x3 + Cutting beam

Set 2
4 x Phased Tetryon Cannon Mk XII [acc]x2
3 x Tetryon Turret Mk XII [acc]x2 + Cutting beam

Set 3
4 x Phaser Cannon Mk XII [acc]x3
3 x Phaser Turret Mk XII [acc]x2 [CrtD] + Cutting beam

Set 4
7 x Phased Tetryon beam array Mk XII [acc]x2 + Cutting beam

I tried the option without the Cutting beam, but works better with it.

Eng - EPS (1 or 2, depends), Neutronium, 1 purple MK XII armor console depending on the opponents weapons, sometimes RCS
Sci - D'Kora Battle module 3000, Field generator, Borg console
Tac - 3 x Tetryon or Phaser MK XII purple (30%)

Deflector, engine, shields - all Borg, but waiting for Omega mk XII Deflector to try that set also.


TT1 - CRF1 - CRF2 or TT1 - FAW1 - FAW2 (just for PVE sometimes if i use beams set)
EPW1 - EPS2 - EXT shields 2 - Aux to SIF 3
ST1 - HE2

I know i have 2x TT and 1x ST, that's on purpose.

Captain is alien with elusive, accurate, techie and efficient traits.
Crew - all efficient Saurians.

Duty officers - 2x purple Shield distribution, Exocomp, Conn officer and 5th i'm still testing cos i haven't played for several months.

I just realized there are no more old posts, so for everyone who knows me, my ingame nick is @ursus_arctos, Ad Infinitum fleet

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01-14-2013, 07:00 AM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
PVP was not specified. PVP is a completely different game with completely different rules, and the sooner everybody realizes this, the better off we'll all be.

If your build is strictly PvE, then you should definitely be using DHCs instead of DBBs in fore (and as RedRicky stated, Trico Mines rear - not photons).

Most NPCs barely move at all, and you have EWP available to help with the ones that do (Not to mention that spreading EWP with EM let's you also use your speed from EM to use inertia sliding to swing your tubby butt around).


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