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Hi Captains!

I am organizing an in-game (Holodeck) Community Small Craft Only PvP Event for this coming Thursday.

The first timeslot will be at 8pm GMT/ noon PST/ 3pm EST. (Click here to view in your timezone)

The second timeslot will be at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST/ 1am GMT. (Click here to view in your timezone)

Let's plan to meet in orbit of Drozana Station then and we'll queue up for private matches. Feel free to attend with a character on either faction, but, they must be in a small craft ONLY (i.e. Fighter, Shuttle, Runabout, Captain's Yacht, Delta Flyer ETC). We'll try and do as many matches as possible, for one full hour. Please join the OrganizedPvP channel to see any communication/ instructions from myself. Type this command in your chat bar to join the channel: /channel_join OrganizedPvP

If you can't make it Thursday, I would like to try and do these often, and on different days/ times. Feel free to post constructive feedback in this thread with ideas, including if you would like to see this expanded to other types of events (STFs, PvE, Fleet Actions, etc.).

Hope to see many of you Thursday!


Brandon =/\=

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