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Hello, people.

I love the idea that you can get fleet versions of low level ships. It gives us the opportunity to fly ships that we love the look of in the end-game. I just wish that some of them weren't so underpowered.

The main examples that come to mind are the Fleet Science Retrofit and the Fleet Escort Retrofit. (There are others, I know, but I'm using these as examples so please refrain from pointing out the ships that I neglected to mention!)

I understand that they should be weaker than the Fleet versions of the tier 5 ships as they're modelled on weaker platforms, but the differences are vast. Just comparing the Fleet Patrol Escort against the Fleet Escort Retrofit you can see that the Patrol has 3,500 more hull, 0.22 more shield modifier and 1,100 more shield points (mk X). SERIOUSLY underpowered.

One confusing aspect is the fact that Fleet Patrol Escort can be obtained from a Level 1 Shipyard and the weaker Fleet Escort Retrofit from a Level 2 Shipyard. That doesn't make sense.

PWE, I applaud your idea to re-introduce lower level ships in to the end game but please beef them up a little. Nothing major, just enough to be competitive!!

Thank you.
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12-10-2012, 11:16 PM
I can understand your reasoning, but it won't happen. Generally their policy of ship making is:

The larger the ship is, the more hull and shields it generally has, while at the cost of moving slower.

The smaller the ship is, the less shields and hull it has, and in return, moves faster.

So the Fleet Escort Retrofit is a VERY small ship, but turns on a dime. In return, the Fleet Patrol Escort isn't quite so nimble, but has a bit more survivability to compensate.

Though there are exceptions to every rule of course.

Personally, I think all the Fleet level ships (not lockbox ships) need at least a +1 to turn rate over their non-fleet counter parts, to make them a little more worth using and buying in the first place, aside from the basic buff to hull and shields.

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