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OK, I like playing melee with my Fersean. When the winter event came, I grinded myself a nano-pulse bat'leth, and now I'm running "Skirmish' to get the lobi.

Trouble is, Swords we attack out of range, and rush forward and hit. Excellent. With a bat'leth, the damned cardi's back out of my range and I can't cut them down.

Please fix this.

While you are fixing it, make 'sweaping strikes' and other unarmed kit moves USE the weapon.
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12-11-2012, 08:24 AM
Short Term Goals

1) REMOVE THE AUTOMATED CHAT BAN SYSTEM , REPLACE WITH FLOOD CONTROL (5 messages per 1 minute for EXAMPLE) (People bothered by persistent bots encouraged to use IGNORE feature)
1b) Remove ability for random people to keep targeting players in chat!!! When they're offline ETC!

2)Fix Turn Glitch During STFs (previous target prevents turning; clearing with tilda key a temporary but doesn't always work fix)

3)Re-work mail system add features
3a)Folders to sort @Exchange (Exchange Sale Expired sub category), Personal Mail, Fleet Mail.
3b) Personal "Delete All" buton for EACH different folder
3c) After picking up ALL items from a mail (nothing is left) mail topic auto-deletes
3d) PICK UP MAX ITEMS (max items you have SPACE for) From Exchange Sale Expired Messages (because if it was all messages ; someone who sent you 300 lockboxes.... wouldn't bother your inventory so much)

Mid Term Goals

1) Allow Winter Tribble 'christmas' effect to be used year-round but no AOE effect.

2)Zones Sort Via Pages, In Numerical Order And Will not 'randomly' appear in instance list making it easier to navigate.

3) Reduce Dilithium Costs For DOFF Grinding (Season 7 5,000% increase isn't affordable for a lot of people)

Long Term Goals

1) Add More Featured Episodes To KDF

2) More Costumes For KDF

3) Stacks bigger for certain items.

3a) LOCKBOX stacks should be unlimited (these clog your inventory way way way too much)

3b) Commodities for Rep system increased to accommodate 3 days of supplies for both tiers per inventory slot.

3c) Pet Inventory Only For Pets (people collect these and it takes a lot of space) Make it like the account bank but a wee bit more generous on space please. I.e 15 initial slots for pets, 50 total.

And that's my two cents.

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