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# 1 Eng in a Jem'Hadar, and crazy
12-11-2012, 10:36 AM
Cmd Tac ? TT 1, CSV1, APO1, CRF3
Lt Cmd Tac ? TT1, APB1, BO3
Lt Eng ? EPW1, AUX-SIF1
Lt Eng ? EPS1, EPW2
Ens Eng ? ET 1

All Polaron
Front Weapons ? Dual Beam XII Fleet, 3x DHC XII Fleet
Rear ? 2 Turrets, Borg Cutting Beam

Engine: Jem
Deflector: Jem
Shields: MACO

Devices, engine batteries, Subspace Field Modulator

Eng consoles: Borg, Impulse Capacitor Cell, x2 ? Engineering Plating consoles dependent on enemy.
Sci Field Generator XII purple
Tac: Polaron XI x5 purple

I am an Engineer class that has helmed most of the Cruiser in the game, so I figures it is was time to try the badass bug.

I have always found the BO3 with a single Dual Array has a HUGE punch. But does it cripple my build, not having 4 DHC?s up front? With my weapons I have no torpedoes atm and like the Borg Cutting Beam. I have not seen a lot of talk abut it, but it seems to really cut through clutter on the PVE side of things. The other weapon I thought of for a rear spot was the Temporal Disruption Device. Take away a Tac Team 1 and add a HY1. Anyone using that particular torp as a get the *&)* off me weapon?

The Impulse Capacitor is a great for so many reasons.

Not having any SCI BO?s may raise an eyebrow or 2. I just want to dump my Aux as low as I can go. Is this insane?

I figure if I am on plasma fire, I just need to have a shout out to a teammate to help me out. With Miracle Worker and a few hull heals, I should be pretty well ok not needing constant babysitting in an STF. It has worked out so far.

PVP, this may need a bit of work. After a (pug) PVP test I need some Polarized Hull and Hazard Emitters. I just don't know which Engineer BO abilities I should give up.

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12-11-2012, 11:04 AM
Having a DBB in the front isn't my style, but I wouldn't say it would "cripple" your build.

It certainly has the burst potential, but I prefer something a bit more consistent and overall higher DPS (with all DHCs on the fore).

My fleet mate, who has the cutting beam, has been rather unimpressed by it. Someone attempted to use it on me last night, and it was pretty funny how ineffective it was against my escort.

I have another fleet mate who picked up the temporal disruption device and he hates it.

As for Eng BO abilities to give up, I'd say get rid of EPtW. You probably already have 125 or more weapon power. The increase in DPS will no doubt be higher, but it's not going to make that much more of a difference.

My Aux is as low as it can go as well (39/25), so I don't think that is such a bad thing. Heals certainly benefit from the higher Aux, though.
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12-11-2012, 11:10 AM
I can't help you on the Aux front since I run an Advanced Escort and like my Science powers .

Personally I wouldn't run with three team powers, the shared cooldowns aren't worth it. If you switch the Engineering Team for EPtW you'll have a full up EP rotation which means that you can rely on having a weapon power boost all the time allowing you to shift more of your standard power to Engines or Shields.

Another useful trick with team powers is that if you get two Purple DOs that decrease the cooldowns on a particular power and put them on active duty then you can use a single Team power every 15 seconds and save a BO Ability slot (so you could switch the TT out for BO1 and alternate between that and BO3).

Regarding the Cutting beam, my view is that it is not and will not replace a Torpedo but it is a nice alternative to a Standard turret. It's not going to kill anything heavier than a fighter on its own but it does provide a bit of extra Kinetic damage for the loss of some energy damage which isn't a bad tradeoff, especially since you aren't carrying torps.

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