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In the alternate universe where all are not as smart as you. There might be a person who dosnt understand the techno bable and hope it will work on there fairly new system. If you buy something and it dosnt work you should be refunded regardles of your IQ. your inteligence shouldnt have a bearing on your refund.

Mabye in this universe ?
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# 52
07-08-2010, 10:50 AM
Golly I thought that the gamer machine I spent $1600 buying to make sure I could play any video game I chose to meant that I could PLAY any game that I chose to.

And gosh, gee I thought my uber nvidia geforce graphics card could handle it since it is the top of the line but gee willakers since cryptic decided to alienate the populace with laptops and since nvidia hasn't updated the graphics card drivers since november 2008, I guess all those specs just fooled me.

*giggle* silly little could I be so dumb?

Oh I know! Because specs for graphics card drivers aren't ON the box! And since that was the problem how could reading the specs have helped??
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07-08-2010, 11:56 AM
Well... I would strongly suggest that everyone check the min specs before they purchase any software. From a Windows upgrade to a solitaire game. Also, just so you know, most games have trouble with laptops, specifically because a lot of them use integrated GPUs, and many with shared RAM.

STO is actually pretty light with regard to it's recommended specs compared to any of the newer (read as: less than 6 months to a year old). I'm running it on a 3 year-old machine, but I've upgraded a bit to get it there. (In fact, I'm using a 5 year-old GeForce 8800GTS, which is really overdue to be replaced.)

And I am not, by any means, an expert. Everything that I know about machines is just from reading about them. The information is out there, and it's free.

A good tool to use in the future is the Nzone "Can I run it" website:
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07-08-2010, 04:22 PM
Everybody stay frosty. I'm sure the devs are noticing a pattern in all the Dxdiag submitted. First off, Intel GPU's are not for gaming. They are for job sites use. All of the workstations were I work have integrated Intel chips with the exception of the Devs, like the Web Devs, and they have Quadro cards. The normal users at the Pentagon don't need that much graphic power.

Second off, I noticed that several ATI card owners have old drivers. My drivers are up to date with Driver Version 8.74 (ATI full driver pckg 10.6). I seen post with Driver Version 8.14, OMG that's OLD. I remember seeing one with drivers 6.xx, so this is definitely out of date. I use re-tweak drivers and they perform smoothly. Basically, this guy takes the drivers from ATI and tweaks them even better. The guy even tweak them specifically for ATI 4870x2 card, just because I mentioned that they perform average for MMO's, and they improved nicely. You have to do your homework when it comes to video drivers. Go to video card forums and read what the hardcore gamers are posting about a specific new driver. Trust me, they test the crap out of them.

Everybody wants to blame the Game, but the reality is that many times it's really out of their hands and they are force to work with the Video company. You might as well pull your own teeth. For example, the Dynamic Lighting issue, so you all think this is only happening with STO? Well I hate to burst your bubble, but NO! Other games suffer it, so people are just turning it off, and going about their business. ATI knows about it, and Nvidia, which is also suffering from this issue, knows. I don't know in what place of priority they have this issue locate, but it still has not been addressed.

I hope some of my suggestion helps someone.
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Im a BFP4F player, and have teamspeak, some of us Have Trek Online, so thought i would give it a try.

Well, it certainly needs something done to it, because, as soon as i tried to launch it, i got black screen saying resolution not supported. Thats crazy, my dell 19inch was already using the 1280x1024 recommended by my new Nividia 440GT card with updated drivers. I had to restart it from the button on the darn computer:

I use two monitors because Im A Flightsim flyer in FSX, The Dell is in the DVI socket & and the other for my instrument panel is on a VGA samsung 17inch, which is normally extended over both screens. I can not alter or take one away, but can dedicate Display 1 on the Dell, which is the primary Screen, to show desktop only on that.

I found that star trek online software completely ruined the dells & Nvidia graphic settings so bad, I got a pink screen, blurred text, The Firefox google logo was missing, it took me 3 hours to try and repair my computer,

Last resort was a System Restore before the time I Installed the P4F Trek Online. After that, most of my normal settings returned, but still, took another hour fiddling with almost all my settings which had been badly altered by this program.

I certainly wouldnt install it again, its been uninstalled, never known a MMORG program to give so much grief as this one. Shame, would have liked to play it, But not going through all that again, strange settings? It shows some text with a slider, saying push slider until you can see three lines of text. This when altered, phyisically changes the resolution and other settings, without first telling you that it will. very bad interface, espcially for newcomers to computers.

It also alters the way you see text in other programs, and most of my desktop background pictures were insanely coloured, gamma way off, oversaturated, blurred, and wrong colour!! Yuk!

What an awful .EXE this is.
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# 56 I still have this problem
12-11-2012, 12:57 PM
When are the devs going to fix this error? I have done everything I can think of to my computer and I still have the same issue. This is getting old, if this does fix itself I am going to dump the game and start playing "Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic".
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# 57 Best Advice
09-12-2014, 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Star Trek Online the Black screen on start up and music playing. To get around this:
1) Start the game in Safe Mode. There is a option in the upper right corner to do this.
2) If the game loads up in safe mode go into options and change the resolution to what ever settings you want.
(if not able to get into safe mode then there is another issue going on)
3) Exit the game and re0start the game. You should not get the black screen. If you do try re-booting and start teh game again.
4)Update your video drivers.
Even years latter still the best advice to start with.

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