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Originally Posted by sovwell View Post
So what you are saying is that you get 500 Zen (bound to STO) each month for paying 14.99 USD(or equivalent) for 30 days of game play? If that's true, it means you are paying $9.99 for game play and $5.00 for 500 zen

BTW, I don't see 30 day award listed on...
You realize there are other benefits of playing Gold, right? Not just the 500 Zen stipend.
  1. Additional Character Slot
  2. Auto Refining Dilithium (up to 1 Week)
  3. Higher energy credit limit
  4. Additional BoFF Slot
  5. More Inventory & Bank Space
  6. 'Free' Account Bank
  7. Free Respec Tokens
  8. Free Foundry Access (for making missions)
  9. Unlimited Customer Service [?]
  10. Commercial-less Voice Chat
  11. Veteran Rewards
  12. 500 Zen Stipend
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