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So I got the Omega torpedo launcher and it seems to be confusing/disappointing. Hopefully someone else who has it can help clarify things for me:

1. If you have multiple torpedos slotted, the Omega seems to "take priority" in that it will fire when ready, even if you have another torpedo ready as well. If the Omega had the lowest priority (i.e. only fired it's rapid shots when other torpedos were on cooldown) it might be really good. As it is, it is really bad (because it prevents normal torps from firing unless the Omega is out of ammo).

2. Projectile Weapons Officer Doffs, while displaying on the tooltip as working on the Omega torpedo, do not appear to do anything. It's too bad that their cooldown reduction does not have a chance to speed up the re-load of a charge (which is what I would expect).

3. EDIT: Also the "bonus torpedo damage" from the RULE 62 console only affects the kinetic damage, not the plasma damage (though, to be fair, this might be consistent with all plasma torps... I don't know)

TL;DR: The OMEGA torpedo, as it stands, is not recommended for torpedo boats for 2 reasons (incompatibility with other torp launchers and non-functionality with PWOs).

Bonus: The only ship where i might recommend the OMEGA is as a rear launcher of a cruiser... it will shoot all its charges quickly while you turn around.

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