Lt. Commander
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# 21
12-12-2012, 01:40 PM
Ch'Tang BOP
Ning'Tao BOP
Qorgh Refit
Varanus Support
Bortasqu' Tactical
Guramba Destroyer
Vandal Destroyer

I'm running out of ships to buy. Other then the Marauder and Varanus, all was purchased with converted Dilithium and most have a place with one character or another.
Empire Veteran
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# 22
12-15-2012, 05:22 AM
I think I've bought 'em all but the b'rel retrofit.
All the orion, nausicaan and gorn ships for sure.
Bortas pack.
The To'duj.

Not entirely sure about all klingon ship variants.
If I were to guess, probably all but the norgh. (and even then, maybe, lol)

I'm a sucker for ships.
And I support development of the KDF as best as I, personally, can.
Even if that amount of money is a bit embarrassing to admit.

The only one I'm disappointed in... really... is the Marauder FDC.
Not in it's capability/utility, just that it looks like a guinea pig.
Can't wait to get our base high enough for a fleet corsair or Dacoit. Whichever it is.
It's me, Chrome. [Join Date: May 2009]

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# 23
12-15-2012, 09:15 PM
I've just purchased 2 slots and hopefully tomorrow I'll make Commander 24th level and create an Orion or Ferasan toon.

I plan on buying a Dacoit FDC. The only other Klingon ship I plan on buying is Fleet Modules for the Fleet Corsair, till then I plan focusing on my Dacoit and normal Vo'quv.
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# 24
12-16-2012, 05:17 AM
I own the:

Kar'fi -2000
Marauder - 2000
Vor'kand - 1500
To'duj - 500
Draguas -1500
Vandal - 1000
Koro't'inga - 1000
Scourge - 1500
Puyjaq - 1500
Bortasqu pack - 5000
Nig'tao - 1000
Qorgh - 1000

I will buy these ships on the C-store when and if they come out.
Negh'Var - varient
Raptor - Lieutenant General varient
Vo'Quv - Varient (that should look like it could hold/deploy B'Rotlh BoPs)
Empire Veteran
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# 25
12-17-2012, 12:46 AM
I think Ive picked up anything that can spit out fighters. Most of the Klingon ships from the cstore do not really impress me. Oh I have the siege destroyer too. that one just looks sweet though
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# 26
12-17-2012, 12:50 AM
I own pretty much every KDF ship in the C-Store with the exception of the Brel... my LGs get one ship free afterall....

"Why do you have pretty much every KDF ship in the C-Store?" I may hear you say, well it's because I care about the KDF and would like Cryptic to know that's the reason I haven't bought a Fed c-store ship in a loooooong time.

I'll vote with my wallet, but I'm sure that's not what voting with my wallet means when I give them money....
Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other.
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12-22-2012, 10:34 AM
I've got a B'rel Refit, Vor'Cha Refit, and a Peghqu', but all I only really use my Fleet Tor'Kaht.
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12-26-2012, 12:17 PM
Kar'Fi Carrier (still my favorite ship to fly)
Vorcha Variant (for the Isometric charge)
Phalanx Cruiser (for the Barrier Field)
Nausican Frigate (for the Plasmonic Leech)
Guramba Destroyer (for my Tac captain to fly)

I got the Bortasq Prototypeback when they were free, and grabbed the Veteran Destroyer to compare to the Guramba (very close!).
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# 29
12-26-2012, 12:33 PM
Vandal for Leech.

Can only fly one ship at a time and can only use so many special consoles before you've weakened the build.
Willard the Rat, Klingon, Sci (60), U.S.S. Tong Vey, Geneva Command Battlecruiser (FT6), Inner Circle
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[WIP] No-Fleet, T5U B'rel Retrofit Build

Starfleet Veteran
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12-29-2012, 12:57 AM
New player here. So far the only KDF ship I've bought was the Chtang, the one with quad disruptors. I likes me some quads!

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