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From the developers?

To start I want to present a huge thanks to our revolutionary Sargon. Havent it been for you, this newfound interest in pvp would never have taken place. I too want to thank Borticus and Brandon for showing their interest and supporting us from Cryptics side. Heck I wouldnt even dare write this post if the evidence I will now write about didnt present itself... as it did.


Yes yes I know, its an old topic, debated, dicussed and beaten to death over and over. But NOW my pvp friends on both sides, we have come to a turning point, to our Stalingrad. Thanks to the pvp Boot Camp, we the community have finally spoken. Long ago a certain dev gave in to despair and wrote the following, i quote:

"Before I was given PVP I had other day to day and week to week tasks that filled out my schedule. I had STF's and other stuff. That other stuff is being moved off of my plate to other new content designers. Which by the way is a answer to another question I noticed earlier, the fact that we now have a few more people in the design department is a direct result of PWE. If we didn't have additional staff, this wouldn't be happening.

Oh and for the record... I asked to be given PVP, it wasn't forced on me. I personally think it has a great deal of potential, it just needs attention."

"Right now because PVP is in such bad shape we (the developers) have to decide if we think we can turn this problem around. Participation in PVP-related activities is so low on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis that we could in fact just completely take it out of STO and it would not impact the overall number of people [who] log in to the game and play in any significant way."

End quote.

Well well, do I got a newsflash for you!

If we exclude the current active to semi active pvp population, we have in this thread the hard evidence. There are more then 200 applicants ALONE who says pvp MATTERS to them. And this thread is growing and growing and still very fresh! So I ask and that very zealously: Does the Senior Devs still think pvp isnt worth commiting resources towards when we the paying customers show such a huge interest in pvp exist?

If you ask me its about due time! 2 bloody years of neglect, that now more devoted time and hard resources should be commited towards this aspect of the game. In the end it was we, the PLAYERS of this wonderful game that managed to demonstrate that we WANT a functional and developed pvp. Whats sad is that the game developers who are suppose to promote their game in all apsects, both pvp and pve, failed at this. Still there is room to forgive and improve, to realize that the pvp aspect of the game is now on the move. We refuse to be neglected no longer.

So what say ye?
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