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Cutscene with D'Tan:

Liked the dialogue and the two discoveries revealed in it. But felt the volume was down too low, the music easily overwhelmed it. So you have to play with music turned off to hear them.

Underground Ruins:

The Ruins is in a Volcano, then why doesn't the outside reflect this? Vastam Peaks seems more like a Volcanic zone than the Ruins. Or you trying to go for more or a Yellowstone feel?

Inside, don't get why we got Romulanesque architecture. Is it from the First Romulan Settlers? Or did the Romulans took inspriation from it?

BOFF EV Suits:

While it said you needed EV Suits, I only had 1 spare with my BOFFs and used to keep the medic on hand while the others died off. Be nice if Cryptic provided somekind of EV Storage than taking up precious inventory space.

Final Room - Uncompletable:

Got to the final room and while reading the dialogue, I was attacked by the Tholians (people like to read dialogue the first time), and after the battle was over, I was stuck. I couldn't do a single thing except kill a infinitely spawning Tholian group.

So Cryptic really dropped the ball here.

Overall Score: C

1) Needs a better storyline than shoot things up.

2) Revise it so you don't attack until you understand what to do.

Before the Tholians attacked me, I caught a glimpse mentioning consoles, but not sure what to do with it. There was no interactable consoles after the fighting was done. So this needs to be improved.

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