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12-13-2012, 02:38 AM
Originally Posted by alexhurlbut View Post
so does anyone remember what stats it had before all those nerfbat hits it recieved?
From what I understand, it at least had better turning capabilities. I don't remember anything else, didn't pay much attention to it. I fly BoPs/raptors, not battlecruisers/space whales
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12-13-2012, 07:10 AM
I have the bortasqu 3fer and a guramba.

I enjoyed flying the bortasqu command ship (science), but found the consoles not worth using (so I wasted the money). It's not an oddy reskin -- it functions a lot differently (and the Oddy consoles are more attractive).

The problem is... the guramba is a lot more fun to fly, does way more damage, and lots more nimble.

The bortasqu is better in specific situations -- STFs, for example, where you can load all cannons and turrets, maybe put in an autocannon, and just roll out like mobile artillery piece. In just about every other situation, you're better off with another ship.
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12-13-2012, 03:27 PM
All right, I'm gonna stick my head out here a minute and hope it wont get cut off.

*ahem* my favorite ship on the Fed side is the Galaxy-X, My tac officer loves using that ship despite what people say and I seem to be able to make it work. Can I get better results from my excelsior or my Galaxy-R? You bet I can, but I like the Galaxy-X.

With that in mind (and knowing I love making ships I actually like work, even if they are said to be the 'worst ships') I can not fathom a proper use for the Borked. Ive had escorts that tanked better, heck my Galaxy-X seems to run circles around it. Its visually ugly when compaired to other Klink ships, its WAY over priced when there are much better options on the table, and the universals are rather..well I dont really know the word for it..silly? I have a mess of universals to choose from, and many of them are not bound to one ship, in fact I have bought some ships for the universals.

If you like the ship more power too you, I'm hardly in a position to tell you what to like or dont like. I just find the package being 50 bucks a bit expensive that do not follow traditional Klingon design.

Recently the only Klink ships I have bought and liked were the Orion ships, mostly because they unlocked items for my Flying Lionfish.
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12-14-2012, 03:40 PM
Regarding the dissatisfaction with the D7/K't'inga's in game performance, it's still just about the deadliest thing at Commander. 4DHC and 2 turrets, and you can unleash a whole lot of hurt, even with a relatively sluggish turn rate.

And regarding Raptors, although they resemble the ENT one, I'd say they're no more related to that raptor than the Akira is to the NX class. Many visual commonalities and touch points, but little in common technologically. And let's not forget, the KDF probably got a spot of escort envy around the time the Defiant showed up. It's not inconceivable that the platform they designed to match it would resemble Raptors of old.

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