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12-12-2012, 08:29 PM
Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
Uhh, you've got a problem there. The Technician only reduces cooldown on Boff abilities when you use the AuxToBat ability, so it won't help reduce cooldown if you just slot it.

And OP, there is also a pretty decent thread back in the archives for the Dragon Flagship build, IIRC. You may want to look at that too.
Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
Also, you can only run one Warp Core Engineer.
Anyone got a Mek'leth lying around? I feel a sudden need to prematurely go to Sto'vo'kor...

Ty for the corrections guys...


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It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
Why the Devs can't make PvE content harder. <--- DR proved me wrong!
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12-13-2012, 01:36 AM
Thank you all for great answers. I apologize for any heart or head pain I may have caused you
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I'd say the offensive gain from EPtW2 is minimal compared to the defensive loss for using EPtS1. I'd rather swap the levels or even move ET/RSP down for EPtW1x2 and EPtS3x2.

You can also try an actual technician build with 3 purple technicians and aux2batt. Such a build can rotate a single copy of EPtetc as if it were two, saving you a slot and generally making every other ability available far more often at the expense of less Aux2SIF usage and some Aux power conflicts at times. It's probably the best setup for an offensive focused cruiser because of the ability to use all of your tactical abilities so much more often. You'll feel much more badass when you're in FAW mode a good half of the time.
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12-13-2012, 07:53 AM
Originally Posted by boumazza View Post

I am an engineer in assault cruiser and I have a question about what Beam array to use.

Currently I use 6x borg Anti proton Beam arrays MK XII.

I was thinking of going for : -plasma/disruptor hybrid MK XI ( blue )
- romulan MK XII plasma ( I believe they also have disruptor proc )
- Polarized disruptor MK XI (purple)

Can anyone give me any advice? I usually just PvE and I was thinking of changing my AP beam arrays for something else


BOFF layout:
Ensign tac: TT1
Lt. tac: TS 1, Fire at will II
Commander engineer: EptW 1, EptA2,EptS3,Aux2SIF
Lt.Commander engineer:Reverse Shield polarity 1, Engineering team 2, Warp plasma 2
lt science: TSS 1, HE 2

DOFF layout:
3x purple borg torpedo off( altho I might change that for shield distribution doff)
1 for engineering team cooldown reduce time
1 for TSS to remove boarding parties
This is like my FAVORITE ship ever!

First, my engineer is still not of rank to use one. So sad. I have a Sci and a Tac.

The sci uses cannons and turrets and torpedoes.. The tac uses dual beams and turrets and torpedoes.

The tac uses Fire at Will and DEM. There is also the DEM doff involved. That doff keeps your energy from dropping for the first 8 seconds. Very handy. Really it is like magic.

The sci uses cannon and torpedo abilities. And heavy on the venting stuff. Green poo is good.

As far as type, I went with Phaser. It's a federation thing. Consider what proc you want to bring to the party and take it from there. Remember, it isn't a big deal to save your borg set for borg....and whip up a little debuffing action for fleet events! Grab some commons or greens off of the exchange, play around and have a ball. Make sure you give em a good honest try then step back and evaluate for yourself!

PS: The assualt cruiser turns like a champ. The CStore version is full of awesome. I can't wait for the fleet. NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Cheers happy flying!

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Originally Posted by boumazza View Post
Currently I use 6x borg Anti proton Beam arrays MK XII.
Nothing in particular wrong with AP for STFs, it's one of the top energy types.

I prefer Disruptors personally, so let's take a look at the choices you posted

Originally Posted by boumazza View Post
I was thinking of going for : -plasma/disruptor hybrid MK XI ( blue )
You lose quite a bit dropping down to these, less mods, lower mark, and lower rarity.

Originally Posted by boumazza View Post
- romulan MK XII plasma ( I believe they also have disruptor proc )
I haven't tried these yet, and while I'd prefer a Disruptor weapon with a plasma proc as opposed to the other way around - these might be a decent choice depending on Mods available.

Originally Posted by boumazza View Post
- Polarized disruptor MK XI (purple)
These are a decent choice, especially if you have ranks in flow caps.

MK XII will probably pricey though.

If you're going to change from AP to anything my choice is always Disruptors.

The Disruptor proc is the only proc that benefits the damage of all of your weapons (like torps or mines) or powers (like sci powers) as well as benefitting your entire team and even any allied pets.


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