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# 71
12-03-2012, 10:36 AM
Maybe they should just make those insta kill torps a WHOLE lot easier to shoot down if nothing else.

They are the only reason I always have a aceon assimilator near me at all times!
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# 72
12-04-2012, 08:53 PM
I don't think it's tactics or measures you can use against the HY, but rather that they buffed and released without saying anything.

Or maybe the ingame Borg A.I has adapted and is making changes to the game code on it's own.
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# 73
12-05-2012, 11:13 AM
I noticed something lately. When you go near a cube and it launches a torp at you and you shoot it down a few seconds later your hit with plasma torpedo damage as a icon shows. I am now wondering that the cube actually launches a torp you kill it but it somehow is still alive and actually hits you but you dont see it after shooting it down. Or maybe there are 2 torps in 1 and you shoot one down but the other isnt rendered and is untargetable and hits you seconds after you kill the first one.

Wonder if this can be tested by bort maybe that somehow a borg torp is actually 2 in 1 or somit and one doesnt get rendered but the game has it and it does hit you after the first is destroyed which is rendered and targetable.

Anyone else think this might be whats happening?
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# 74
12-05-2012, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
Anyone else think this might be whats happening?

I don't know, and I've given up caring enough to test things like this.

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# 75
12-05-2012, 12:15 PM
I complained about this a while ago in the bugs forum but it was never addressed.

When you are close by to a weapon being launched like a high yield plasma torp, you get hit with it's effect immediately. If you destroy that weapon you are still hounded by the plasma fire.

I suspect that this occurs on other plasma weapons that miss you, as I'm often burning alive without taking any real shield damage.

It is easily testable on the Undine ships, let them fire a high yield torp from 7k and shoot it down.. nothing, at <2km you get the fire before it hits, if you shoot it down you are still on fire. This pretty much invalidates consoles like point defense.
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# 76
12-05-2012, 12:20 PM
This continues despite months of requests for a fix.

Between this and invisible torpedoes, and the continued failure of them to FIX the Romulan Arc torpedoes AND the absurdly low proc-level of player-equipped plasma, I don't think they know how to alter/repair the plasma-weapon coding.

I've flown in under a cube, FAW and all three PDs running at the same time and still get one-shotted for over 150,000-300,000 damage out of nowhere.

It's almost like a timer is running, after X amount of time pick one target, explode target.

That's not "challenging." Challenging would be to give us an in-game method of countering that level of damage, avoiding the torpedoes or giving us a way to shoot them down for sure.

We have plasma-torp-shotguns in some of the Romulan missions that can't be countered too, that is when the guidance works correctly. close to 90% of time they reverse course and strike the launching vessel. While somewhat amusing, I can sit back in most Romulan Arc mission and let the enemy vessels destroy themselves. This cannot be working as intended.

Eight tickets, and stopped playing Romulan Arc missions. Which is a shame as those are some of my favorite missions... and with the focus on the Romulans this season.. you think they'd want to showcase those missions... and have them fully operational at this point.

Borticus, if you are reading this can you give us some kind of indication as to when these issues will actually be fixed? We've asked... quite a few times. If they CAN'T be fixed please TELL us so we can move on.
ISE ISE Ba-bee. "If you got the Borg yo... I'll solve 'em check out this shot while my torpedos dissolve 'em"
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# 77
12-06-2012, 03:15 AM
Originally Posted by papertoasty View Post
i now this isnt a tac cube, but i just came from a kase and watched donatra decloak, and even before she's fully decloaked 'boom', hit a poor lad with her thealeron death beam without warning, 'poof' goes the ship and i go holy crap
I think this has been around for a while, definitely since I started playing STO (which was around the time the Kitty Carrier came out). It's not terribly common from what I can tell, but there's definitely some sort of visual lag or latency bug where she fires the insta-death Thalaron well before she's even finished decloaking properly.

vids and guides and stuff

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# 78
12-10-2012, 02:27 PM
Well, this keeps happening to me constantly aswell.

I dont mind being one shot kill from HY if its not shot down, or take good tank cruiser/carrier with 100% hull and shields down to 10% hull. But it must be vissible and destroyable, not as stated here it was shot down but it hit anyway.

The biggest issue is, as many times stated before, invisible torpedos dealing up to 55k damage. But thats not all. I keep checking damage on my ship when I blow up and I just keep wondering why a single regular plasma torpedo, visible or not, hits me THREE times? When I sum thouse three hits I rarely get total damage below 60k. And thats not only from tac cube, this happens with torpedos fired mostly from cubes, tac cubes and gates, but sometimes even from spheres.
Ok, let normal borg plasma torpedo deal nocrit damage 5k - 16k to bare hull instead of around 500 - 52k noncrit damage even throu full shields. Borg torps should be restricted by shields just like every other torps, thats why they have shield neutralizers for, right? Also it seams, atleast in my eyes, that borg have way to high chance to inflict plasma fire with their weapons. That applies to every elite STF.
Nice example is my klingon Vo'quv. Full shields and hull against tac cube, suddenly shields are gone and hull is down to 8%, then boom.

I got hit three times with single HY I overlooked:
First hit was for like 3k, didnt managed to get log of that.
Combat (Self) Tactical Cube's officer Heavy Plasma Torpedo's Plasma Torpedo - Heavy III dealt 4553 (54937) shield damage to you.
Combat (Self)] Tactical Cube deals 114157 (193726) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo - Heavy III.

I dont complain about damage from this HY but about it hitting me three times, just like most of borg plasma torpedos in elite STFs does.

Now, KASE has its problems too. Donatra fires thalaron right after decloak, or blows ships outside the displayed attack cone (fires at wider angle that displayed), and her salvos one shot most ppl, even with full hull, shields, tac team and rotate shield freq active.

Challenge? Ok, they already have a lot of HP, powerfull 360deg beams, most boff abil on lvl 3, I am fine with that. But these torp damage are just insane.

But theres a nother problem. NPCs fire torpedos even after destroyed, to be precise, before they explode. So they are destroyed, hence we cant fire at them but before they explode they can fire at us.

Just made ISE
First torpedo hit (gate explodes after inpact):
[Combat (Self)] Gateway's Plasma Torpedo dealt 6310 (27520) shield damage to you.
[Combat (Self)] Gateway deals 15558 (49354) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo.
[Combat (Self)] Gateway deals 907 (1365) Plasma Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo.

Cca 6 seconds later (gate gone, invisible):
[Combat (Self)] Gateway deals 43986 (50394) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo.

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# 79
12-13-2012, 11:44 AM
Very irritating. Even spheres are spitting out 20-30k torpedoes regularly, and that's with brace for impact, hazard emitters, polarize hull, and a couple of shield buffs. Should one survive that (in an escort) the plasma DoT eats you alive with ~1k damage a tic while hazard emitters are on cooldown because several seconds before a shield neutralizer and plasma DoT were wrecking havoc. Engineering consoles would be great, but I doubt a 20% (even a 50%) reduction to kinetic and plasma would amount to much if several Borg ships are shooting 20k+ torpedoes at you in succession.

I'd very much like to know why our ships are made of paper mache and theirs out of steel. Their attacks regularly hit for over 1k and they crit as much as an escort with DHC & turrets. We have pea shooters compared to their attacks. I swear their crit rate is around 60% with over 200% severity at times. They have an incredible plasma DoT and ours barely tickles. They have the ability to drain shields quickly... each one of them does, so when fighting a large group (e.g. the hive mission) it's common to get hit with it, use hazard emitters, get hit again and watch as shields go poof in less than 30 seconds.

I can understand an escort having problems with it. They're meant for DPS and exploding often. However, since escorts aren't known for survivability, why are they subject to the overly long respawn timer. That timer needs to be removed since the Borg are buffed now and much, much stronger than when the timer was implemented. It makes no sense to have to sit there and wait for over 30sec just to respawn and get KO'd seconds later by a typical vessel (sphere/cube) critting strong enough to take down full shields and hull...

Surprisingly, I'd say the easiest part about the hive space mission is the queen. I respawn far (emphasis on that) less to her than the initial horde of ships. As for the two giant ships... I hate those energy things. Why must they be so difficult to shoot down with full accuracy skill. They squish me more than those supposed uber beams that always seem to miss.

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# 80
12-14-2012, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by kerven01 View Post
Surprisingly, I'd say the easiest part about the hive space mission is the queen. I respawn far (emphasis on that) less to her than the initial horde of ships. As for the two giant ships... I hate those energy things. Why must they be so difficult to shoot down with full accuracy skill. They squish me more than those supposed uber beams that always seem to miss.
Thats why its good to have a carrier in a team. If they keep fighter cover up with advanced or fleet carrier pets in escort mode, they will deal with that plasma bolts in most cases.

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