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Originally Posted by drudgy View Post
Also I guess on a side note when using the TOS Ship Interior map and the TOS Bridge map the away team doesn't seem to stay with you. I attempted to even to spawn in the Engineering room and they hit a wall and away they would go. Ultimately I would have liked them to spawn in the Turbolift but they either never show up or are stuck behind the walls. Looking at the spawn point radius on the map they should all fit in there, but it's really hard to say with that issue.
In general your away team should be able to spawn with you in the turbolift. The radius is small enough for it to work. Just make sure the point is centered. It does suck that you probably can't test this before publishing with the current bug.

Another unrelated thing that I've always wondered about is why don't our missions have pathing data when they've already been published and we preview them? It seems like defaulting to the published version's pathing would be better than having none. Sure you could change the geometry and cause problems, but with no pathing data you have problems all the time.

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