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12-13-2012, 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by trahl View Post
Borderlands Defense Initiative

We're a small casual fleet built around life on a space station on the federation/cardassian/klingon border (which actually does connect up at a point). Occasional episodic missions, but once again the key word is casual. Most everything is player driven and/or optional. And multiple ship play, thus allowing more significant positions for more people doing more things.
Small mainly due to progression of age but we won't dissolve because a lot of resources have been poured into the starbase (namely all those special projects).

Thank you for this list btw.
well if its a casual fleet, then that means you don't role-play. There are already way too many fleets that play o.o.r.p.. The list I'm creating is for role-playing fleets only.

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