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12-13-2012, 07:31 PM
Anyone knows when more KDF content will come or will the devs keep pushing it back until there's no one here to play Klink??
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Originally Posted by darimund View Post
ESTFS - Borg are one shotting people with invisible plasma torpedoes. not high yield, not critical hits, but one massive 50k+ hit that that will kill you with full shield and hull hp.

Omega reputation t4 - Mk XII prosthetic arm store is empty

Romulan reputation t4 - Hyper Plasma Torpedo isn't there as advertised, its instead a placeholder rapid fire torpedo not part of the set.

Romulan Embassy consoles - duplicates of the -threat and + threat consoles, no disparity in them, IE all of the plasma infuser graviton consoles are -threat and duplicated in the store

Romulan Embassy plasma infuser consoles - plasma burn proc is not being properly added to some weapons.

Romulan Embassy Boffs - racial traits aren't working at all.

Omega Impulse Engine - cool down reduction isn't working for slipstream travel

UI Chat interface - half the time, it doesn't recognize im in a fleet so I can't select 'fleet' as a default chat channel, I'm having to type in /fleet every time I want to say something.

these are just some of the bugs I've encountered since s7 launched. These aren't graphical glitches, these are game play affecting bugs. Wanna try again?

Geez... I started playing just before season 7, is this what I got to look forward to and more?
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Originally Posted by tigerblade66 View Post
Geez... I started playing just before season 7, is this what I got to look forward to and more?
It's not as bad as he's making it sound...

I can haz joystick!
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Yes it is that bad, the game is absolutely littered with bugs, pretending it isn't is just being out of touch with reality. You look anywhere and you see bugs bugs bugs that never get touched, so old that most people just forget they are bugs and are used to working around everything.

Nearly every mission and facet of combat is buggy.
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Originally Posted by tigerblade66 View Post
Geez... I started playing just before season 7, is this what I got to look forward to and more?
STO might have some growing pains, but at least it is F2P and still growing. May not be prefect, but we are still getting more then other F2P games out there (SW:TOR for one shining example of how to give your players nothing in F2P and somehow still attract players. )

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A moment of your time... A certain willful and vulgar misspelling of "Cryptic" that has become all too common is actually a violation of forum rules and it has turned up quite often in this thread.

Please refrain from using it, and please edit any posts where you have recently used it.

To be clear, negative feedback is not being censored but there are certain words being used that are vulgar, offensive, and draw trolls to the flames. This is subject to moderation.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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