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# 1 Fleet Nebula build
10-30-2012, 01:27 PM
Purpose of this build is for PvE as I don't PvP all that much. Normally I either run Fleet Mark runs or Elite STFs. I've tried to embrace the support role as best I can by trying to maximize the ship's ability to heal and try to do a decent amount of damage.

I've only recently started parsing this using ACT but the numbers I've seen so far when running an STF or Fleet mark show damage output DPS ranging anywhere from 2200-3500 with healing out at about 800. Of course your mileage may vary. This also seems to draw quite a bit of aggro but since it's a big hull I guess that's sort of the point.

Anyway here's the ship build
All beamsare Fleet Tetryon MK XII
Fore - 1 x DBB, 1 x Fleet Quantum Torp, 1 x Normal Array
Aft - 2 x Normal Tetryon, 1 x Fleet Quantum Torp
Deflector - MACO MK XII
Engine - Borg Impulse
Shield - MACO MK XII
Devices - Subspace Field Modulator, Aux Batteries, Weapon batteries

Engineering - Point Defense System, Aux Booster MK XII, 2 x Neutronium Alloys
Science - Borg Console, 2 x Particle Generators MK XI, 1 x Emitter Array
Weapons - 2 x Tetryon

Lt. Universal - Beam Fire at Will I & Attack Pattern Beta
Lt. Tactical - Tac Team I, Torp Spread II
Lt. Cmdr. Eng - Emergency Power to Shields I, Engineering Team II, Extend Shields II
Cmdr. Science - Polarized Hull, Sci Team II, Hazard Emitters III, Gravity Well III
Ensign Science - Transfer Shield Strength I

Skill points
Energy Weapons (6)
Maneuvers (2)
Energy Weapon Special (3)
Weapons Training (5)
Projectile Weapons (6)
Targeting Systems (6)
Projectile Special (5)

Structural Integrity (4)
Starship Engine Performance (7)
Starship Armor Reinforcements (6)
Impulse Thrusters (4)
Hull Plating (8)
Aux Performance (8)
Hull Repair (7)
Warp Core Efficiency (3)
Warp Core Potential (6)
Shield Performance (8)
Weapon Performance (3)

Science and Operations
Graviton Generators (9)
Shield Emitters (9)
Shield Systems (9)
Particle Generators (9)

All told this puts the hull strength of the ship at about 44K and shields at 13K.
If I leave the power levels at their defaults weapons are at 67/50, Shields 66/50, Engines 71/50, and Aux 85/50.

In combat what I normally try to do is hit the enemy with gravity well first, target their shields, then do a torp spread on the ships as they get pulled in by the gravity well. I also keep an eye on the teammates and get heals out as needed and may even just follow a cruiser around keeping them healed as they draw a large percentage of the aggro.
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# 2
10-30-2012, 01:53 PM
the build looks pretty good its different from what I try to do so let me share what I have come up with I posted my builds here

take a look the only thing of note to have changed is that I have been using the Fleet Advanced Phasers.... take a look compare and see what suits you, your build looks solid... and a great looking heal boat... my build is more self reliant and puts out a goodly bit of damage
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# 3
10-30-2012, 03:47 PM
My question would be why an RCS console? The base turn on these is pretty low so any percentage increase wouldn't be that much would it?
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# 4
10-30-2012, 03:51 PM
Thanks for the compliment by the way. The overall goal is to reach that good balance level where I could do good support both on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Throw in a few debuffs here and there and it's just a decent all around build.

The main goal is to not have any teammates die through an entire run. Not too terribly difficult when running with my fleet mates considering their gear but to drop into a Fleet Mark run or whatever and do that is a good day.

I thought about trying to save up for some spiral wave disruptors and drop the tetryons but at 43K dilithium each that will take quite a while.
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# 5
10-30-2012, 03:55 PM
I don't get what the goal of this build is. 3 beam broadside, or head-on a DBB plus BA plus torp. Its 'some here, some there' but from what angle are you especially dangerous? Same with the powers, it seems 'a little here, a little there,' but like you haven't decided what you really want to do. It all seems very spread out and unfocused. Do you have any particular tactics or playstyle in mind?

Oh okay, you answered my question while I was writing.
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# 6
10-30-2012, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
I don't get what the goal of this build is. 3 beam broadside, or head-on a DBB plus BA plus torp. Its 'some here, some there' but from what angle are you especially dangerous? Same with the powers, it seems 'a little here, a little there,' but like you haven't decided what you really want to do. It all seems very spread out and unfocused. Do you have any particular tactics or playstyle in mind?

Oh okay, you answered my question while I was writing.
I see what you're saying and that does bring up a good point. The problem for me then is that sometimes I just don't know which I'll be needed at going into a mission. I might have a general idea but that might change. For example, on ISE in an ideal group I'd be able to pretty much stay straight ahead while dropping torps and DBB along with my deflector abilities. But, if the group is struggling I'll find myself moving around a lot so that leads to more broad side shots and turning.

If it's the first choice (frontal) then I use the dual beam array quite a bit and should even consider aft turrets.

Fleet mark runs are definitely more fluid because you often don't know what the group is like so sometimes I might have to babysit someone or actually have to take over tanking. So that again would mean tweaking weapon load out between zones or even between individual fights. Ugh...

In the past I've even gone so far as to say, "screw DPS" and just put all turrets to increase the chance of a weapon proc. But now I want to try and get the best of both: heals and damage contribution. It's something I tried back in the Everquest 2 days and did all right but it's an almost constant juggling act.

So to answer your question: I want to contribute to damage in some meaningful way but still maintain a healing capability that would help the softer group members from exploding as much. I think a versatile ship like the Neb can fulfill that goal.

The one thing I may consider is changing one of my engineering skills to eject warp plasma. A zone denial skill such as that could be very handy in STFs and Fleet mark runs.
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# 7
10-30-2012, 08:06 PM
If that's not possible, then I'll settle for a pony.
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# 8
10-30-2012, 09:29 PM
Space pony maybe. Could do an Alien build for a BOFF.

More seriously though, it just seems like you're spread a little too thin. Its not like you're making huge mistakes loading up on junk skills or anything (good solid healer actually), it just seems like a fine-tuning thing.

First thing I'd do (and plan to do when I buy a Nebula next ship sale to swap for my sci's DSSV) is pretty much ignore tac. Its not a gunship and never will be, and trying to have some tac and some sci and some eng is just so diluted. Either make the universal a sci and be a full science ship, or make it an eng and go for a cruiser-science hybrid with 5 of each. If it were mine, for sci I'd add Tractor Beam 1 (with a doff for the shield drain) and TBR1. If an engineer, add a second EPTS1 so you could have one up all the time, downgrade the Extend Shields to 1, and then you could pack EWP1. Lockdown a group with Gravity Well, then 'cropdust' them.

On weapons, again I see two distinct options, depending on how you wanna play. For one, carry 5 beam arrays and a torpedo, so you can broadside like a cruiser and swing in for a torpedo finisher on exposed hulls. Bonus if you have the wide-angle quantum from the Regent, but not worth buying for that alone. I've tried the 6 beam array setup before, but without some way of boosting power like Emergency To Weapons or Plasmonic Leech, the drain was just too much. On the tac, you then pack Tac Team 1 and maybe Torp Spread 2 for when you've got groups locked down, or High Yield 2 for a heavy punch.

An alternative, what I'm using right now for STFs, is a DBB, 2 torpedoes, and 3 turrets. Tactical is TT1 and Beam Overload 2. BO+DBB drops the shield facing, turrets grind off the regeneration, and the torps (with 2 DOFFs) provide a pretty constant stream of damage. I doubt it would be useful for PVP with all the heavy shields there, but for PVE where everything has huge hull points (Borg especially) it just pounds on em.

Also, may want to try and get your Maco 12 engine before S7 hits, since the Borg set is getting split up and nerfed. Either that or go Omega Deflector/Engine (for the tetryon glider) then either Maco shield for max toughness or Omega shield for almost as good plus the Gravitic Anchor.
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# 9
10-31-2012, 07:43 PM
I tried your suggestion of using warp plasma.

I attempted two fleet mark runs (defend starbase) and the results were interesting. From a pure damage standpoint not much changed or it went up a little with one encounter reaching 2800dps or so.

Warp Plasma made up the highest or close to the highest damage output so maybe with a little practice or juggling my weapon load out I could up the total damage for the entire build.

As I'm zipping around laying down gas though it makes me lose some awareness of where my teammates are so I might get out of range of them and have to hustle back to heal. Again, maybe some practice will help with that.

I do rather like it though, it gives a little bit of crowd control for a good setup. The idea of dropping grav well and then plowing into the snared group with gas spewing is admittedly good fun.
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# 10
12-13-2012, 10:54 PM
Hello again. The great thing about the Neb is all the tinkering one can do with it. So here's what I've done and wanted to share with all the other Neb-heads.

- Added an iso charge console in an engy slot
- Replaced MACO shield and deflector with Borg to round out the 3-piece set.
- Acquired the Borg cutting beam and placed it on a rear weapon point to replace a tetryon beam. I also have the Borg universal console so I get the 2-piece bonus.

This isn't all that bad actually.

I seem to die a bit less in the ISE STFs and the iso charge is something I consider a must have now. Pop grav well, follow up with an iso charge, and watch the fireworks.

The cutting beam though gives me mixed opinions. On the one hand I like it's ability, especially when it works in tandem with the Borg tractor beam; enemy hulls just collapse. But since the Borg tractor has a 3 minute cool down that's a bit of a wait. Replacing a tetryon beam with this appears to be a wash in regards to DPS damage, i.e. my DPS on "Tetryon Arrays" is lower by about the same amount the cutting beam adds over the duration of a fight.

Still, this layout boosts the numbers on Grav Well, I've lost none of my heals, and added a tractor beam to the mix.

It seems to be all right.

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