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"Console - Tactical - Directed Energy Distribution Manifold Mk XI" (blue/rare quality) isn't able to boost the damage of the "Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XII [Dmg]x3". It would be the only reason (besides flying a "rainbow-beam-boat") to use that console on a ship.

I hope this isn't working as intended, because the power-level adjusts the damage correctly. If that console would boost the Kinetic Cutting Beam and the romulan Experimental Plasma Array, this would be great for balancing the player-classes.

EDIT: I just checked the Omega 2-piece Bonus, Tetryon-Glider is applied to the Cutting Beam. Why does it get a Bonus for Energy-Weapons, when it doesn't get a Bonus for beeing a Beam-Weapon?

If Star Trek Online was an Open-Source (GPL) Game, we would have a low-grind fork.

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