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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
No only an idiot would spend that much on the ship without knowing before hand if you had the skill and are specced to pilot a ship with low manuverability.

For those of us who can pilot it with no problem we are not idiots for giving up manuverability for being able to use the highest dps cruiser in game.
is there evidence to back up the claim? IS the Bortasque' secretly a good design, but everyone else is too stupid to use it?
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12-11-2012, 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
is there evidence to back up the claim? IS the Bortasque' secretly a good design, but everyone else is too stupid to use it?
I do think that the Bortasqu' has great potential in the right hands, even for sustained DPS, as the quotation you cite suggests. As a gut reaction, though, I question whether it really is the highest dps cruiser in the game. That honor, i think, would go to something like a Vorcha, which can quite easily manage DHC and probably out gun (not to mention out-manuever) a Bortasqu'.

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12-11-2012, 12:21 AM
a 2 AtB fleet ktinga or mirror vorcha holds the highest effective damage dealing cruiser in the game title. a bortasqu with all its tac consoles at best can do a dreadnought style alpha, but otherwise it cant use DHCs, the most damage dealing weapons in the game. beam arrays with 5 tac consoles will deal pretty harsh damage, but a maneuverable vorcha with DHCs will deal more, and it will be spike damage.

the borstaqu is a fed cruiser clone, not a battle cruiser like the ktinga vorcha and negvar. and when i play my kdf, i dont want to play a fed cruiser clone. if they cut the bortasqu's volume and size in half, and gave it at least a 9.5 turn rate, it would be a truly desirable ship.
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12-11-2012, 12:21 AM
In terms of big, slow, stupid ships like the Borg, it can be extremely powerful. Trying to use DHCs and such though in PvP...not so much on that ship.

Single cannons and turrets I could see, or a standard beam array thing going on, but not so much DHCs. Things just move too quickly for it too keep up.

The biggest single issue with the Bortas is that it doesn't have a way to naturally enhance it's turn rate. That's the best advantage the Odyssey has, when it uses Chevron Seperation, it becomes SO much easier to turn and move in. The Bortas has it's Snare (which several abilities give immunity to anyways), and the standard Subspace Jump if you wanna use it, but that is about it in terms of helping it.

Sure it can use Omega 1, Evasives, and have points in Impulse Thrusters, all of which help, but the fact is, without like AP DOFFs or something, you are still gonna be turning slowly 90% of the time anyways. Even if you do turn faster, it's still a huge ship, and doesn't slow or stop quickly at all.

IT can be a good ship, and people do need to learn how to fly and handle it, since it isn't like most other ships. But it's far from being worthless, but not the best either.

You really have to treat it what it is: A space whale, I hate the term, but it's true.

It can stay in the fight far more easily than most other cruisers, and lay a major hurting if you can manage to get DHCs on your targetting, especially with up to 5 tactical consoles potentially, not to mention other buffs that might end up being on you.

That all said, the huge and slow size can hurt it a lot, so a smaller cruiser, aka a Vor'cha, or even the Negh'var can be a much better choice.
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12-11-2012, 12:42 AM
Bortasqu' Tactical

Engineering Captain

Romulan: +3% Crit, PlacOnCrit
Omega: +30 Weapon, KineticProc

EPtS1, AtB1, RSP2, DEM3
EPtA1, AtB1, ET3


DOFFs: 3x Tech, 2x WCE

Deflector: Omega
Engine: Omega
Shield: Adapted MACO

Weapons: 7x Polarized Disruptor Turrets [Acc]x2, Kinetic Beam

Tac: Borg, 4x Induction Coil
Eng: 0Point, Leech, Tachyo, PDS
Sci: Romulan Flow [Pla]

Devices: RMC, SFM, Trannie Platform, Weapon Battery

2.5% -X Power
2.5% -X Damage Resistance
2.5% +Plasma DoT
2.5% +Kinetic Damage
2.5% +10 Weapon Power
-X (Target) Power/+X (Self) Power
-X Shield
+X Shield Pen (w/ DEM)
On Crit: Placate

Weapon Power: Ship, MACO Shield, Leech, Borg, 0Point, EPS Power Transfer, AtB, Energy Siphon, WCE DOFFs, Weapon Battery/RMC

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12-11-2012, 10:30 AM
So having slept on this, I'm wondering how a Bortasqu' would fair when paired with a tackler or two?

Personally, I'd agree with DDIS and his experience flying KDF BCs... and this would obviously be more thematic than anything - maybe something the RP-PvP folks might try.

If you can hold the target in place for the Bortasqu' so it can unload - could you make it a tank killer? Dropping debuffs from one or two tacklers, while holding it in place - and - a teamwork sort of thing?

All sorts of better comps come to mind, no doubt - but would it be feasible, eh?

As a target comes in to kill the Bort', snag it, the Bort' burns any turn buffs, faces the target and unloads...

I don't know - can't say, never ran a paid Bort'. I do remember back when the Bortas and Ody came out though - I had lots of fun in the Ody...the Bortas - not so much. It was great for a Good Day To Die - Feds would come from all over to kill you (course, you had to fly without shields and no armor consoles or it could take too long)...
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12-11-2012, 10:59 AM
I prefer the hit and run KDF playstyle for a couple of reasons.

1. The Feds have better escorts and sci ships for longer drawn out fights. These ships are designed to be supported. Raiders aren't. They are also better built for maxing damage and sci ablities.

2. I find the playstyle to be more fun.

So, I think a KDF Cruiser that doesn't fit this mold needs to be able to survive w/it's "wingmen" withdrawing and leaving it outnumbered since it really won't have that option. Compare that w/Fleet Torkaht and even Karfi can be made nimble. The other carrier can have more survivability.

Tbh, I just don't think it fits w/the KDF. This doesn't mean don't use it, but imo there are better options.

As far as damage potential, imo the it is either a supplier a constant pressure dps or built to spike. Given its turn rate I think the Fleet Torkaht can apply better spike since it has a decloak damage boost to make up for having 1 less Tac console w/the exception of when the ship CRF console is available. Imo, the Fleet Torkaht can also apply better pressue dps, since it can be built to use DHCs w/CVS chained vs Single cannons or turrets. Also, w/the critH repairs coming w/reputation system turrets/single cannons will lose some net dps compared to the stronger DHC damage. This doesn't even consider the KDF Vet ship w/Decloak and Lotus damage potential to match the CRF console, and it can hit and run even easier w/BC and better speed/agility.
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12-14-2012, 09:27 AM
What do people think of the bortas as a beam boat? I have a bortasqu command ship and don't bother with cannons outside of STFs, play it like a fed cruiser with more tactical consoles (and fun KDF consoles like plasmonic leach).
With APO and evasive maneuvers I can usually maneuver at a strategic level (just not reliably in the thick of a fight).

IMO, this 'great in STF (particularly with extra nudge of an autocannon), good as a regular beam boat' is a (small) selling feature.

I mean, the faster cruisers are still not going to keep up with escorts and raiders.
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12-14-2012, 09:30 AM
I loved playing my Tac BO1 cycling Brick.
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