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12-14-2012, 10:00 AM
I was going to post this in another thread where there was a side-discussion on balance taking place in a turn rate thread; but I didn't want to go further off topic there. They joked about a lockbox EBC and the Chel Grett.

So I pictured this partial build:

Sci Captain

Fore: Omega, Hyper, Bio, Tric Launcher
Aft: Hargh'peng, Breen Cluster, Trans, Tric Mine


Devices: Scorpions, Disruptor Turret

Consoles: AMS, AA, Theta, Breen, Borg, 0Point, Graviton, PDS, EBC

While cloaked, approach the target. Activate THY#1, wait the 15s triggered CD and activate THY#2. Apply additional buffs.


Apply debuffs.

Fire off the THY Omega, THY Hyper, Bio, Tric, Breen... and Graviton. Deploy the Disruptor Turret.

EM and fly past the target (getting ahead of your targetables). PDS, Theta, AA, and AMS as you pass. DPB the trics. Deploy the Scorpions. Activate Photonic Fleet. Sensor Scan.

After you fly past, fire off the Cluster, Hargh'peng, and you should be ready to THY the Trans.

Turn and Subnuke.


C'mon, sure I'd never PvP again if they did an EBC lockbox - but I think the build above would result in the most epic of posts on the forums...

...course, I could just be burned out from racing spiders. 16 more days...meh.
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