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12-14-2012, 11:41 AM
Ive read the replies to this poster. I agree 100% with this person.. It seems to me and is my opinion that this company (PWE) does not care what the customer wants, does not listen to what the community is asking for, does not care about bug fixing...but simply put, wants you to open your wallet and spend money with little to show for it.

A good example is my one time adventure to open lock boxes to try for a ship..

I acquired 200 Ferengi Boxes, 150 Tholian, 250 Temporal boxes. I then bought enough ZEN to purchase 600 keys...roughly 67,500 zen within the last month or two.

Anyways, I did NOT win a single special ship, was awarded maybe on average 4-5 lobi per box, and 2 or 3 mirror universe outdated garbage ships and some general garbage to try and sell on the exchange, in which i earned around 8 mil EC.

The lock boxes are a great idea in the eyes of PWE because of the above adventure I put myself into, and Im sure others do as well. 700 dollars worth of ZEN to PWE and not ONE single special ship.

So would the OP's idea cut into PWE profits? NO they would most certainly NOT. PWE, like any other company now days are full of greed. The customer is NOT first priority, even though we sustain their existence..quite frankly it is sad, and I will no longer be buying anything.

(begin sarcasm) Thanks PWE, for the FUN experience! (end sarcasm)

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