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# 1 Thank You, Cryptic
12-14-2012, 04:03 PM
Thank you Cryptic for showing that you care about the foundry in Season 7. Not only did you add a lot of nice things to the editor you also have dealt with the issues of the quickies and made proper foundry missions much more attractive to play.

Patrolling mobs and having NPCs disappear is something that we have been wanting for a long time and now they are added. Thank you!

No more clickies, the new minimum time element is a great new addition not only people can now search for longer or shorter missions but anything that doesn't meet the minimum time threshold is ineligible for the daily wrapper. Thank you, this has been something that has been annoying us people who create legitimate foundry missions. People don't play real foundry missions because in 1 second they can get their reward for them. However with that dealt with real foundry missions are getting more plays. Thank you.

And finally the re-vamping of the Investigate Officer Reports. Now that the clickies have been taken care of it was only time until this mission also got revamped now that minimum time has been guaranteed. Now with this new mission it means that playing the one foundry mission is worth it, not only for the fleetmarks but also for the dilithium.

Thank you Cryptic!

(On a side note however, dStahl mentioned in the latest Ask Cryptic that players did not report clickies. I can't talk for anyone but myself in this so there you go. I believe that it would be impossible for players to police themselves. Why? How long does it take to create a clickie mission? It takes barely no time at all. The clickie mission creators would simply create a new clickie mission. If players did police clickie missions then all it would do would to cause the problem to go underground. There needed to be no incentive for people engaging in this behaviour to stop it and now with the changes you have made they have been. Thank you for these changes.)

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