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12-14-2012, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by linyive View Post
So, you do not want people to spend actual money on zen?

Why do people have subscriptions?

Why did I invest all that money into zen?
They do, and people do buy Zen it get what they want "right now", but that isn't, nor was it ever the pont of the Dil Exchange. Some people have plenty of time to play, but not much money to put into a game. Some people have plenty of money, but not much time to play. TaDa!! Dil Exchange.

For their own reasons.

Because you wanted to.
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Funnily, Dan says he wants to answer questions about the game's future and half of his answers are devoted to store uptades. I guess that's the most significant part of the coming updates then.

Jokes apart, some interesting answers, I just hope it's not wishes to keep us playing the game while the long overdue updates, such as the kdf ones, are still being worked on and delayed, season after season.

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12-14-2012, 03:25 PM
Nothing really interesting answered! It would be nice if Dan actually picked questions addressing current player concerns and issues with the game instead of just ignoring the tougher questions to answer.
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12-14-2012, 03:27 PM
Q: (drogyn1701) How do you respond to some of the recent player criticism of the Foundry. Specifically that the dilithium grind makes the Foundry a ?waste of time? (quoting other players here, not my own attitude at all), and that the Foundry is a way to make players do the job the devs should be doing.

Dstahl: Some players may be upset that we recently closed a loophole that allowed players to earn massive amounts of Dilithium from playing Foundry missions that were essentially ?click this one thing.? We had hoped that players would police these missions and have them removed (there is functionality in the game for players to do this) but that did not happen and we had to take action. So if the argument is that Foundry missions aren?t an easy source of Dilithium anymore, then that is a valid argument if your entire goal of playing Foundry missions was to exploit the Dilithium economy.
Personally, I don't understand this. You took away the ability of players to earn 1440 dilithium in five minutes with the "loophole" that was active since the introduction of dilithium I believe. However, what keeps being glossed over was that that dilithium was all you could earn from that mission that day. Now, with the latest patch, you can earn 960 dilithium from doing one mission of some length, not a "loophole" mission, but you can keep doing it every 30 minutes. Find the right mission, and I'm sure some people are cooking one up right now, and this is the easiest farming mission ever.

Also, exploit the Dilithium exchange, this is brought up a lot. Now, I assume that you meant that some how this mission means that we get more dilithium that we should for the effort we put in and then use that for zen. Let us examine this. When this exploit was active, the Dilithium exchange hovered around 300 Dilithium for 1 zen, so lets use that as a basis. This means that with 1440 Dilithium from this mission, we could get 4.8, lets round that up to 5 zen. Now, here we have this new mission, that rewards 960 dilithium. Which is less, but at the same time, the dilithium exchange has changed due to all of the other changes in Season 7. Now the exchange rate is about 100 Dilithium to 1 zen. So 960 Dilithium gives us 9.6, lets round up to 10 zen.

Now, as players trying to exploit the dilithium exchange, it makes sense to me that we would want to get the greatest amount of zen for the smallest amout of Dilithium. From where I am standing, that one loophole had very little to do about that. Season 7 seems to have been more of an exploit to the dilithium exchange than anything players ever did.
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Q: (whizzledarkfool) Will there be some kind of balancing system for Fleet Projects depending on the size of the Fleet?

Dstahl: In addition to continuing to drop pricing requirements for projects (we?ve done this several times), we have discussed other options related to Fleet Size scaling, but most of the options turn out being areas of potential abuse if we don?t also include penalties for leaving and joining Fleets. For example, if it is easy for a small fleet to complete a Holding, then what is to stop large Fleets from disbanding to dump all the requirements in and then rejoining once the lesser cost is achieved? So for now we prefer to adjust Fleet Projects globally as well as increase rewards and input drops needed for Starbase Projects, because that can have a similar positive impact for small fleets. At the end of the day, Fleet and Guild housing is a sensitive subject no matter what the MMO, and there isn?t a bullet proof solution out there that makes everyone happy. We want players to form Fleets larger than 3 members, but instead of excluding these small Fleets from the system entirely (which was something we discussed), we instead choose a more balanced approach of allowing Fleets of any size to participate with a median cost.

The scaling would need to put stop counters in place just so if a 5 person fleet hits tier 5 and people want to get in just to get tier 5 stuff you would have to put in massive project to increase member capacity make it like if you keep your maximum capacity at 5 players you can get their quicker but also add in incentives like giving a lot more provisions for a 500 member fleet if they are having to donate more. Just so it can scale and give both types of players benefits for the system.
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Anyone who doesn't think that the statement of having playable Cardassians and Romulans in the future isn't the teaser from hell for new factions (considering that both have a substantial backstory in STO and only need a larger selection of ships to choose from to make them viable as a faction [although, looking at the KDF....not sure that would even be an issue] ) is probably not thinking logically....
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Really liked this month's ask Cryptic just got one question hopefully a dev could answer.

Eventually we want players to be able to have custom looking Starbases based on tier and functionality.
Just wondering if this happens; remember the original Earth Space Dock that was in STO could this become one of the exterior looks we could get? Because to be honest, I really liked the look of it.

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TBH the KDF state is kind of like a cross between gowron running the empire but in the TOS era LOL. The way they are trying to fit it in as TOS era but played like its in the DS9 era which they are clashing and just looks like a money grab in the end.

They need to finish off the Fed and KDF stories and I wouldn't mind a reputation system that explains this sort of like how there was that small gap in time where the KDF and Federation were at war over the problems the founders caused. Then a rep system that basically brings back the alliance and then after that make the federation and KDF their own empires but basically add in factions that are all part of the Federation/KDF/Romulan Empire alliance which is where i take it they were going with this new romulus stuff.

Besides that I really want to know how that planet that went from romulan prison to romulus/klingon colony has been impacted or if they know anything about romulus being destroyed or about this new romulus planet where they wouldn't have to be hiding out all the time.
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Will there be some kind of balancing system for Fleet Projects depending on the size of the Fleet?
In addition to continuing to drop pricing requirements for projects (we?ve done this several times), we have discussed other options related to Fleet Size scaling, but most of the options turn out being areas of potential abuse if we don?t also include penalties for leaving and joining Fleets.
In this regard, fleet size means nothing. The size of the fleet is in no way equal to the number of people who actually contribute. Case in point? The Fed fleet over which I am an Admiral; we have 70 members, but only myself and 2 others ever contribute much of anything. The rest of our members are essentially dead weight that either never log in, or never contribute of they do log in.

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why are cryptic ignoring the questions about the state of the textures on some of the newer ships ?

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