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Well, I made an Alien Sci Captain. Traits: Accurate, Efficient Captain, Astrophysicist and Warp Theorist.

This is the build I am shooting for.

I do not have have the Fleet Intrepid yet but I plan to get one when I can.

In the fore I have a dual plasma beam array and two plasma torp launchers. In the back, I have a regular plasma beam array and two plasma mine launchers. For tac consoles, I have stuff that buffs damage on plasma projectiles.

I basically spam the mines/torps, tractor/drain shields and use the beams to disable systems. I based this off that Cygone Intrepid build and some Pyro Build but changed them a bit.

I wanna stick to the Intrepid hull for the looks. The layout seems like it lends itself well to all-around builds (which I like) but I am new and may be mistaken.

I mostly aim to do solo PVE but I would like to do some occaisonal grouping later. I do not care too much about PvP - so drains sucking there does not concern me too much.

For the ground, I like to do debuffing and light healing (Analyst Kit). I tend to have a Betazoid away team member that handles the heavier heals, an engineer that sets up shields/turrets and a couple tac guys (one of which who melees).

This is working well now (level 34) but what about later. Good? Bad? So-so? Any guidance would be great.
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12-07-2012, 10:53 AM
I'm curious about future responses on the build because you have a decent plan that mirrors mine (for now). Still, I'd like to know ... why plasma weapons?
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12-07-2012, 10:58 AM
The burn on plasma weapons is pretty cool and it seems to stack.
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12-07-2012, 05:39 PM
I have an Intrepid Retrofit torpedo boat and it works quite well so far.

Beam weapons. Don't use plasma... Ambiplasma Envelopes only boost Plasma torp damage anyway. It is also widely resisted in PVP. I prefer Polarized Disruptors for PVE/STFs (1 aft, no beam weapon front) and Phased Tetryon for PVP (one front and one aft). The more procs the better. Use standard beam arrays, they have a 250 degree firing arc. If you don't plan on using Subsystem Targeting, switch the beam arrays for turrets (360 degree arc and the fastest firing rate = they apply procs more often).

Projectile weapons. 3 Plasma torps front + 2 Projectice DOFFs for better DPS. I tried 2 Plasma mines aft and didn't find them all that useful. Nowadays I prefer just 1 Plasma mine launcher + 1 Harpeng launcher aft. Sometimes I switch the Plasma for Chroniton though - slow/turn rate debuff for PVP mostly.

A tractor/shield drain build is useful for solo PVE, but if you want to do STFs later, it is not so good... you should aim for crowd control/healing there, since you won't have the DPS of escorts no matter what you do. A power drain build can also work.

For the build, you should take Particle Generators as well... helps with GWs, TBR and such. Also Starship Sensors if you want to PVP later. I didn't take any points in Hull Plating/Armor Reinforcements. Their effect is not so great anyway.

Well, hope that helped a bit...
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12-15-2012, 01:00 PM
This looks pretty good, similar to mine in many respects. I would suggest a slight change however... here are 2 different weapon layouts

fore - 3x Plasma Torpedoes ( Will increase your rate of fire)
Aft - 3 x Disruptor Turrets (These help increase yours along with your team's DPS)

This gives you much heavier forward facing DPS, at the cost of defense, as you more often then not have to sit either reversing or stopped in order to keep your nose on target. (This also keeps your nose on target for those 2 tachyon beams you have for shield draining goodness)

Another option...

fore- 2x Plasma Torpedoes and 1x Beam Array/Dual Beam bank/turret (Disruptor again for the same reason as above)
Aft - 2x Plasma Torpedoes and 1x Beam Array or a turret

This is a more general setup.. it lets you fire torpedoes at your target almost all the time. You can keep your speed up, and as a result keep your defense stat nice and high. Downside is you aren't always facing the right way for those Tachyon beams.

I'll be honest, I've never seen much use in mines. As a torpedo boat you should try to avoid getting very close.. say.. stay within 4-5km at all times.

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