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# 1 MVAM Advanced Escort Build
12-16-2012, 06:39 AM
Hi guys... I've been cruising along for yonks in my MVAM Advanced Escort but have never asked for advice on its build... and seeing as I seem to be getting a lot of Invisitorp instadeath action of late, I thought I'd better do something about it. I'd be very appreciative of any advice.

Here's my current set up:

MACO Full Set (Engine, Shields, Deflector)

Fore Weapons:
Anti proton Dual bank MK XII Array
Quantum Torpedo MK XII
Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII
Antiproton Dual Cannons MK XII

Aft Weapons:
Antiproton Array MK XII
Kinetic Cutting Beam MK XII
Antiproton Turret MK XII

Subspace Rebounder
Red Matter Capacitor

Engineering ? Neutronium Alloy, Monotanium Alloy (both Rare Mk XI)
Science ? MVAM, Power Insulator (Rare MK XI), Biofunction Monitor (Rare Mk XI)
Tactical ? 2 x Antiproton Mag Regulator (Rare Mk XI), Zero Point Quantum Chamber (Rare MK XI), Borg Universal Console

BOFF Powers:
Tactical: Beam Overload 1, Scatter Volley 1, Rapid Fire 2, Attack Pattern Omega, torpedo spread 1, High Yield 2, Fire at Will 1
Engineering: Emergency Power to Shield 1, Engineering Team 2
Science: Polarize Hull 1, Science Team 2, Scramble Sensors 2

Attack Patterns 9
Energy Weapons 9
Weapons Training 9
Projectile Weapons 9
Starship Manoeuvres 5
Targeting 5
Energy Specialization 9
Projectile Specialization 9.

Driver Coil 4
Structural Integrity
Armour reinforcement 1
Subsystem Repair 3
Hull plating 8
Hull repair 9
Warp Core efficiency 5
Warp Core potential 5
Shield Performance 9
Weapon performance 8

Power Insulators 3
Inertial dampers 3
Countermeasures 3
Shield emitters 6
Shield systems 9

  • I intend to upgrade to Fleet Advanced Escort & transfer MVAM to it once Fleet hits Tier 4.
  • Saving towards upgrading Engineering consoles (2 x Neutronium or somethign more plasma orientated in one slot).
  • Thinking of switching back to Phasers (& relays), to benefit more from proc in MVAM mode.
  • Thinking of completing the new borg set (though I like my Quantum torpedo and will be sad to see it go.

Over to you good people of the Alpha Quadrant....

Thanks in advance.

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