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Originally Posted by purvee1 View Post
Now I get the point your trying to make, I'm just taking it to its logical conclussion.
Actually, what you did is called hyperbole. If "least flown ship" is still profitable, they'll try to sell them. Science ships sell, as demonstrated by the Vesta being everywhere in-game. Carriers sell, too, as demonstrated by the Atrox and Heavy Escort carriers also being everywhere in-game.

The reason those ships are everywhere in game is because 4/5's of the population have access to them, while 1/5 does not. Therefore, a greater number of players buy them. The same can't be said for KDF ships, because a KDF science ship is appealing to a much smaller percentage of players than a Federation science ship.

Let's assume that all things are fair (they're not, of course), and KDF is split into even thirds with Science, Engineering, and Tactical captains, and that the same percentages fly the respective ships. If you release a Science-oriented KDF ship, then that ship is only appealing to 1/3 of 1/5 of your player population.

Conversely, a Science ship released Federation-side is appealing to 1/3 of 4/5 of your population.

But the odd ship would be nice ya know. Just a little mention.
Its the level of neglect when it takes 6 months to get a fleet science vessel in game. Equally People won't spend cash when they think the company dosen't care. And I don't know many businesses who would activley neglect around a 5th of their customer base.
Businesses can't satisfy all of their customers all of the time, and when their numbers show that a specific 1/5 of their customer base isn't buying what they're trying to sell, they aren't going to try to sell them anything anymore.

That is why they seem to be focused more on Federation-exclusive content, and cross-faction lockbox content. Selling to KDF-only is just not where the money is.

I'm not saying it's not Cryptic's fault, because if they had launched with a full KDF faction (and they said they would, as anyone who was around before the game officially went into beta can tell you, despite Cryptic devs trying to pretend otherwise), then the population would likely be much more evenly split, and it would be more worth Cryptic's time to develop KDF ships for the C-store.

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