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# 1 Tholian Red Alerts
12-16-2012, 05:01 PM
Ok I know this is going to sound like a nerd-rage thread, but this is starting to get borderline stupid. Over the past two weeks I have entered at least 3 Tholian red alerts every day (depending again on work schedule and other IRL stuff), and over the past two weeks, out of roughly 70 tries over my toons, I have gotten into... wait for it... wait for it... 3. Yes. 3. Out of 70. On multiple toons.

The rest of the instances are either fails or completions (the fails vastly outweigh the completions btw), and I just get warped right back out. So is this "working as intended"? Or is there something wrong with programming the creation of a new instance once the current ones are underway with their 5 man teams? Or should I expect to continue to be unable to fulfill the Tholian Red Alert daily since it's "working as intended"?

-.- I hate having to whine like this, but it's really starting to get on my nerves.
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