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Originally Posted by priapus1 View Post
sorry guys i was reading through some of these posts and i found them rather interesting. i just started playing the game in september and i just now did my very first foundry mission. and from what i have read i should have gotten dil for playing it? i didnt get anything for playing it other than some personal weapons that im going to sell in about 5 minutes.
Did you have the "Investigate Officer Reports" daily quest activated? That's what gives you extra dil & marks for doing a Foundry mission.

and what's this about "clickies"?

In the past, the daily mission had no restriction on what missions would count for it. So there were a great many incredibly short missions made - enter a room, activate one console, congrats on finishing the mission. i.e, you just had to "click" once. Clickies.
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wow wish i could have done some of those
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