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Is it just me or do i find it not fair that the lockbox ships are not in the c-Store by now? i can understand that the new lockbox ships are not but common, the ferengi and cardassian version ships and goodies !!!

Oh wait yes its CBS so many tell us, CBS don't allows them to be put in the C-Store ?! really that's a load of CRAP, don't be so greedy and put them in the C-Store! there wer plenty of cardassian and ferengi ships in the TV Shows, so that rare would they not be!

its more and more clear that the Cryptic Dev team are "ferengie's" in human skins !!! the greediness is so big its not even funny any more. do you really like to hurt your player base like this,... ofc you are what the hell em i thinking, this thread will probably get deleted in no time or moved and merged whit some other thread just to make this post disappear.

if in all likelyhood it is CBS that don't allowed the ships in the C-Store then i would strongly advice them to rethink there strategy, cus not all players of STO are kids with rich parents. or are players with no sens of the worth of coin. ! i need to work hard for my cash and if i buy some virtual goods i want results, after all, all the virtual goods i buy will dissapear wen STO eventually die's and the servers go down. i wonder do people think of that fact that one day there spend money will be gone for good?! its not that you get a copy of the game to play it standalone at home with all you virtual goods.

like i said a couple of times i know Cryptic needs to get money to keep this game running, BUT there plenty of other ways to do this, the ship lockbox's are just a form of SCAM really Exploitation of a Star Trek Fan!, older box's should not be brought back, no no the contence of the older box's should be added to the C-Store! that would be a fair trade off. instead of this greedy way of doing things.

all i can say is this Cryptic devs/management = Ferengie's that's clear as day!

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