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Just wondering why uniforms have such a limited palette to choose from. I've got a number of characters who just don't look that good in normal coloured uniforms, but would really benefit from having access to some of the colours available for say, hair styles or skin colour or the like. Unfortunately we have no access to those colours for uniforms, so while one can certainly make do with the existing colours, it really is a lackluster solution- especially if you're looking for say, just the right colour of purple, or any 'real' yellow, or the like.

Even for the hair/skin colours we're really slanted towards the faded to white end of the spectrum, with no brighter options. I mean, I understand the need to cut off saturation before things get silly, but I'd adore the ability to get some actual non-crimson reds, or some more variance in my browns.

While I guess there'd be some people who would immediately go and grab pink uniforms... so what?

Even having access to pink would give me a lot of interesting options, and IMO would let me much more accurately represent the image in my head I have for my crew, versus how I'm forced to portray them.

So yeah. Thoughts?

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