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12-17-2012, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by kiloace View Post

- Jam Targeting Sensors

+ Now lasts full duration no matter how much damage is dealt
- Now only lasts 8/12/16 seconds respectively
- Can be removed with Science Team (and/or other powers)

No, just no. It would break PvP even more.

In another game I will not mention here is a ship type named Falcon with an integrated jamming bonus, that could jam multiple ships so they were unable to target anything. What happened came down to how many Falcons each side would bring. In many cases one group refused to engage because the other had more Falcons and if they fought it often turned into very one-sided battles in which one side kept the other perma-jammed and picking them off, one by one.

"Because of Falcon" became even a common meme ingame for reasons not to fight.

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