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Originally Posted by bbaetens View Post
no sir this thread was not meant to be flame wars!
i'll explain my frustration. i bought zen, bought 30 keys that's 35dollar worth of keys give or take. tryed my luck like any other guy. what did i get

- 142 lobi crystals
- a total of 55 Duty officers "unpacked i used all the packs" 40 of them are just white doffs
- 6 box's of useless deflectors
- 2 1k XP boost
- 2 2k XP boost
- 1 10k XP boost

now is this list worth 35dollars to you?! well not in my book, i know they had a chance but this low that's sorry not worth it to me and yes i won't buy them any more. really thought the things that come out of a box would have bin fair but this is not fair in my book anyways in the end it was a gamble and i clearly lost! like everything els in life you have to experience it before you can avoid it the next time.
you speak of cryptic is working hard for there money, you find that working hard for there money, reusing models, selling box'es that are not worth the pollygons there made of.
before you start yelling "REUSING MODELS" i'll explain, fleet ships cos 2000 zen, 4 times 500 zen for a item you need to buy em, yes, the models are the same as the normal ships they just have more consoles spots, you find that hard work?
making the winter event that is hard work, sort of speak, they did use most of the first map, and some reward are used models BUT i don't complain about them cus its FUN.
anyways i can go on and on, none seems to see it my way and that is fine everyone has its own view on things i'm not here to judge was simple asking for everyone opinion.
You should have sold those keys on the exchange. You could have made enough to get any of the lockbox ships other than the bug ship, and had some EC left over. Don't QQ because you didn't win the lottery.
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Originally Posted by bbaetens View Post

- 142 lobi crystals
- a total of 55 Duty officers "unpacked i used all the packs" 40 of them are just white doffs
- 6 box's of useless deflectors
- 2 1k XP boost
- 2 2k XP boost
- 1 10k XP boost

now is this list worth 35dollars to you?! well not in my book
Buying key you were aware that it's lottery. Sorry you lose, that happened, that how lotteries work.
Sorry for any mistakes, english isn't my primary language.

"Dear players we have for you new useless event and only-one-map-use-divices, and much more new "content", but we can't repair glitch in chat system which make mutes on private channels permament. So deal with it and give us your remaining money."
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I am getting tired of this "Just put them in the C-store" debate constantly coming up. Do I believe CBS has some say in it. Yes, I do. It has been said time and again, it is not IP appropriate to have these ships readily available. Do you see the US sailing British ships? Nope. And they are out biggest allies. Why on earth would a Starfleet/Klingon Captain be flying a Jem'hadar (Cardassian/Ferengi) ship. Heck, one of the federation missions has the Klingons getting upset cause you commandeered one of their BoPs, which you crew readily admits there is little point in keeping, cause you know pretty much all there is to know about it.

Does it happen that a power gets someone elses tech? Did it happen in the Shows? Yep. But everyone and their uncle wasn't going around flying a Jem'hadar attack ship.

So yes, I do believe CBS has some level of how common they think these ships should be. Lockboxes, like it or not is how PWE/Cryptic worked within the restrictions CBS places to allow popular non-faction ships to none the less be flown in their game. That is not going to change and constantly demanding it because you want the ship (without the lottery) isn't going to help. If anything it hurts your position, because all it does is prove to CBS that if given the opportunity, everyone and their mother WOULD be flying these ships.
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Originally Posted by dkratasco View Post
Don't like lottery? Simple solution, buy ship at exchange.
I was thinking that after reading the first post.

Buy Zen for Master Keys, sell them on the Exchange, buy lockbox rewards from the Exchange.

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Isn't it about time people quit whinging about this? Hell, I'm not exactly fond of the lock boxes myself (having spent close to ?30 on a bunch of keys some time ago). Out of all the keys I've purchased, and all the boxes I've opened, I've never once got more than Duty Officers, Lobi Crystals or Skill Point Boosts.

I've also transferred a fair bit of dilithium to zen for the cause too, and again have purchased a whole bunch of keys though this route. Alas, once again, in an unsuccessful attempt. I would easily say I've opened well over 100 boxes in my time, though not once have I been lucky. I transferred dilithium because I refused to spend real money on chance. Chance wasn't working out for me in the slightest, so I figured I needed a cheaper route if I was going to get anywhere. As it turns out, that didn't work either.

As of last week, I devised a new strategy. Save using dilithium for zen, I'd go right into the exchange and buy some unlock keys from there (most of which came in at around 1.2 million a piece). I think, over the last two weeks or so, I've probably got through 25 - 35 keys, and again, nothing. I even exchanged just enough dilithium (again to zen) for a single 10-pack, though to no avail.

Did I come here and whine like a little kid? No. I figure the next best course of action is, as suggested, is to simply save up enough energy credits and buy the ship outright on the exchange. For most people, the lock boxes will screw you over (as they have done me) but they are doing their purpose, people are buying them, and some are selling them on (maybe they like their energy credits). Whatever the reason, it's probably the lock boxes that are keeping the game going at the moment, because without them, the team wouldn't be getting as much money.

Thus, if you're not happy with the lock box results, do something about it instead of whining on here. You've not guaranteed a new nice ship, and Cryptic aren't obligated to give you one. You unlock these boxes and are either lucky, or unlucky. Nobody is forcing your hand in the matter, if you put real money into the game to buy the keys which in turn give you nothing, that's just tough luck. Suck it up.

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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Except that argument falls apart now that everyone can have a Breen ship.
Everyone can have every ship. You can buy them via EC. It's just about making them moderately difficult to get instead of handing over $20.
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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
Everyone can have every ship. You can buy them via EC. It's just about making them moderately difficult to get instead of handing over $20.
The problem though, is a lot of people want their toys now. Saving up what was (last I checked) around 65-75 million energy credits will take some doing, but in the end, you'll get that reward. The problem with most people is they want their new ship now, and lock boxes are the fastest way to get them per demand, though you've of course got to be lucky when you're unlocking them.
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Originally Posted by bbaetens View Post
look i think i don't write english here ?! i know i said i wanted the ship(s) but that's not the point here i want to make its the other stuff you get out of the box, look at my list, is that list 35dollars worth to you?

Yes i expected a ship out one of the box's (that's the gambling part of the box) but cryptic claims that the other rewards have at-least the value of the key you need to open it. or that the box gives at-least the value of the key. not sure about you but that's not an impressive list.
oh and it seems that everyone that reply's assumes i open the box's like a crazy man and that i start to complain about them, no its the first time and the last time, that list was not impressive to get me hooked to buy more keys and open them. well i'm lie'ing i will open atleast 3-4 more box's then i have the lobi cryst to buy what i want from the lobi store again.
i bought the whipe and now seek to buy the skirt for the ferengi char. but know this after them not one i will open ever again.
your suggestion of buying a ship from exchange is well noted, few others even said that to me before i wanted to open the 30 box's, but i wanted to gamble for the ship i just did not expected that the rest of the rewards wer that crappy.
ohwell 70million credits it is for the exchange, and i don't play 24/7 so i'll take what 6months to get it. i can't grind hours on hours i do have other things to do in my life and i'm not that great at games to start with either.
Wait a second - Cryptic never said you will get the value back from your key - in fact they never give any odds of winning the ship or how much lobi per box either.

Back when the Temporal Lock-box came out a player Levi3 did an experiment with 250 keys and recorded everything he got.

He got - NO ship out of 250 boxes(but other player results added to his the STOwiki was able to figure out the odds where about 1/180 of getting the ship)

He avg 5.5 lobi per box

So your 35 dollars is just a drop in the bucket to what some people pay. Although he was doing it just to show how terrible the results actually were since Cryptic does not have to release them for their gambling device.

P.S. On a side note I talked to Levi3 in game a few days back - was chatting in Zone chat on the starbase with some other people in their starbase and he came on and asked who we were - he did not know the the zone chat was for every Fed starbase and was wondering who was in his Solo base - LOL!

But even more crazy - He's back building again after taking 6 weeks off after Finishing his tier 3 solo starbase - he now is half-way to TIER 4!! And expects to have a Tier 4 solo starbase completed for the 3rd anniversry - talk about craziness - a solo Tier 4 starbase!
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i mean dont we all know this buy now, I mean I just spend money on game cause I like it, I have my lock box ships and doff pack ships, I even have the breen ship.

point is people pay for what they want.

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Originally Posted by pennyprimrose View Post
You should have sold those keys on the exchange. You could have made enough to get any of the lockbox ships other than the bug ship, and had some EC left over.
They bought 30 keys.

Exchange price for a key is usually in the 1.2-1.4M mark. So they'd have AT MOST 45M ec to spend. Never mind "get any of the lockbox ships other than the bug ship", I don't think there is one lockbox ship you can buy for 45M ec, excluding Mirror vessels and the Tuffli (which isn't technically a lockbox ship anyway).

I do agree with the sentiment that buying Z-store stuff to resell is the most cost-effective way to get a lockbox ship on average, but you'll need considerably more than 30 to get anything worthwhile (unless you have very good timing and pick up an "oops, missed a zero" bargain ).

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