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# 1 mai tri-force of vestas
12-18-2012, 11:32 AM
heres my 3 vesta's that i'll be seen around in. each has mutiple roles they can fill.

MMSE (vesta class) Science version


duel chrono beam bank, temporal torp, chrono torp.
phased polaron beam, chrono mine, tachyon mines

red matter
rechargable shield battery
subspace modulator

maco shield
maco engine
maco deflector

Duty Officers-
2 shield distro's
1 deflector cooldown
1 tractor shield drain
1 aoe placate with charged partical burst

engineering consoles-
borg, tachyokentic

science consoles-
flow capacitor x 5

tactical consoles-
auto defense turret, vesta fermion and quantum field consoles.

very rare delta flyers.

science powers-
viral matrix 1 (or shockwave 1), transfer shields 2, sci team 1.
polarize hull 1.
tractor beam 1, hazzard emitter 2, tachyon beam 3, charged partical burst 3.

tactical powers-
tactical team 1, attack pattern delta 1.

engineering powers-
emergency power to shields 1, aux to sif 1.

ideal role- shield stripping and disable on demand and heals

MMRE (Vesta) Tactical version

3x aux dual heavy cannons
2 tricobalt mines, 1 phased tetryon beam array.

red matter cap.
subspace modulator
rechargable shield battery

maco shield
maco engine
maco deflector

Duty officers-
2 shield distro's
2 attack pattern doffs
damage control engineer (reduce recharge on epts)

engineering consoles-
borg console
quantum field focus (vesta) console

science consoles-
2 partical gens
subspace jump
iso charge

tactical consoels-
4x phaser relays

peregrine fighters

Bridge officers-

lt commander universal (tactical)-
tac team 1
rapid fire 1
attack pattern omega 1

Ensign universal (science)-
science team

Lt tactical-
tac team 1
scatter volly 1

lt engineering-
epts 1
aux to sif 1

commander science-
shockwave 3
grave well 1
transfer 2
hazzard 1

Ideal role- PvE, disable on demand, aoe damage to mutiple targets, anti pet.

MMSE (Vesta) Engineering version.

front: phased tetryon beam
breen cluster mine torp
rapid fire missile launcher
rear:phased tetryon beam
2 chrono mine launchers

red matter cap.
subspace modulator
rechargable shield battery

Borg engines
Borg shields
Borg Deflector

Duty officers-
2 shield distro's
extend shield doff
aux to sif HOT doff
extra power on use of epts doff

Engineering consoles-
2 neutronium armor
1 sif generator

science consoles-
2 emitter arrays
sympathetic fermion (vesta aoe heal) console
field generator

tactical consoles-
borg console
auto defense turret
resonance cascade console

shield repair shuttles.

Bridge Officers-

Lt Commander Universal (engineering)-
epts 1
aux to sif 1
extend shields 2

Ensign universal (science)-
polarize hull

lt tactical station-
tac team 1
attack pattern delta 1

lt engineering-
engineering team 1
epts 2

commander science-
science team 1
transfer shields 2
hazard emitter 3
photonic offcier 3

Ideal role- extreme team healing, aoe healing, team defense boosts, enemy team debuff.

any questions on these or how theyre used feel free to ask.
i'm not shy
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?

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