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# 1 Holiday Gift Receipt
12-18-2012, 11:24 AM
I've searched the forums and I don't see this particular question asked for 2012.

Basically, all my characters have Holiday Gift Receipts. Thing is, they don't seem to do anything in this year's version of Q's Winter Wonderland. I wasn't playing when the receipts were first given out, so I noticed them when I logged in for the last anniversary, after the event they'd be useful for. I wasn't really that worried about it then. Searching the forums tells me they're supposed to be compensation for how much of the old currency I had, to be redeemed in Q's Winter Wonderland. I was going to wait patiently and find out for myself next winter event, but I don't see anything for them, unlike the veteran officers. I'd like to think I didn't miss out on years of work for not playing over the holidays one month. So, how do I still redeem them?

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