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As it has come up in several threads and in chat lately, and I have a personal wish to see an Engineering Captain be more beneficial to his team,
I came up with a few ideas that would make Engineers more balanced compared to other classes in their ability to help the whole team.
I'd be happy if people would post their suggestion in this thread, but I'll start off with my favorite idea:

Give some of the powers 2 seperate benefits, in a way that makes them useful for all allies.
For example EPS Power transfer could give:

+ All Power Settings to target (self or ally)
+ Power Transfer Rate to target (self or ally)
+ All Power Settings to all friendly player ships within 10km
And Miracle Worker could give:

+ Hull and Shield heal to self
+ Hull and Shield heal to target (self or ally)
+ Repairs disabled subsystems on target (self or ally)
In my opinion this change wouldn't be all that radical, as it will still keep the characteristics of how the classes are now.
Engineers will still be tanky, and be able to use their powers as selfishly as they want should they choose to.
But would be able to share parts of those abilities with their team and allies.
The amount of total benefit would stay the same. With the example Miracle Worker, having half the heal on current target and the rest on self only. Keep in mind that you yourself can be your target too!

Here is a comparrison between the different Captain Powers:
Attack Pattern Alpha, Rotate Shield Frequency, Sensor Scan
Fire on my Mark, EPS Power Transfer, Subnucleonic Beam
Tactical Initiative, Nadion Inversion, Scattering Field
Go Down Fighting, Miracle Worker, Photonic Fleet
Tactical Fleet, Engineering Fleet, Science Fleet

Red being selfish, and green being beneficial to everyone.
I know you could argue about Tacs killing stuff faster lowering the amount of healing of everyone required, or EPS being grantable to allies.
But it's only roughly, otherwise pretty much every power would be a shade of inbetween.
The point is that you can't really deny it: Engineers are the most selfish of the bunch.
Keep in mind this is about Captain powers, not Cruisers!

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