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Please don't?... Or atleast give us a refund to change our minds since the description of the power says nothing about a 12 second placate immunity, which totally changes that power to make it nearly worthless.

Seriously 2 second placate and then 12 seconds of immunity how is that suposed to be any good? I can't even think of a way to put that to any good use.

I hate the wording on that patch note too. "properly"? How so?? Was it always your intention to have a 12 second immunity? Well.. Why didn't the power description say anything about a 12 second immunity? You would think after grinding 60 thousand reputation that the game would be a bit more specific about second-to-final tier (THAT CANT BE CHANGED BY ANY MEANS) rewards.

And at the very least if the nerf sticks fine, but I and probably others are going to want a way out of a nerf'd power, You can't expect us to be passive when we have grinded 60k rep for this power and then after receiveing it a few of the development staff decide it is too good so they want to take it down a peg or two.

Check out my previous posts, you will notice I am very fair towards Cryptic's policies I don't complain idley, when something like this is going to be messed up though, something need to be said.

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