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12-18-2012, 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by mariothebros View Post
I have been getting unusual lag and disconnected issue to STO in the past 5 days.

Symptoms: Very slow to start the game (in game scene), slow zoning in sector space and loading new zone (i.e. mission), server not responding in STF and disconnected

Result of tracing route to

1. 82ms 93ms 65ms
2. * * * Request timed out
3. 68ms 72ms 66ms
4. * 88ms 92ms
5. 91ms 71ms 81ms
6. * * * Request timed out
7. 111ms 105ms 106ms []
8. 210ms 281ms 277ms []
9. 299ms 273ms 272ms []
10. 298ms 313ms 305ms []
11. 270ms 292ms 299ms []
12. 338ms 317ms 308ms []
13. 325ms 354ms 326ms []
14. 352ms 359ms 359ms []
15. 378ms 557ms 428ms []
16. 354ms 366ms 350ms
17. 377ms 353ms 377ms

Result of tracing to []
1. * 69ms 67ms
2. * * * Request timed out
3. 48ms 66ms 66ms
4. * 67ms 66ms
5. 51ms 59ms 53ms
6. * * * 3967ms []
7. 118ms 99ms 112ms []
8. 103ms 101ms 99ms
9. 109ms 106ms 191ms
10. 275ms 273ms 280ms
11. 260ms 298ms 281ms
12. 273ms 279ms 272ms
13. * 391ms 319ms []
14. 301ms 296ms 333ms []
15-30. * * * Request timed out

I don't know how this issue come up, but I've been playing STO since February 2012 with same ISP and now I already reach VA rank with over 10K achievement points. Certainly something is not right which was started in 5 days ago. Could it be related to the up coming PvP boot camp? I experienced some irregularities with some PvP MMO that were not well protected and some players used trojan/virus/etc to make them superior compared to others.

Please help me, Dev.
That's some nasty lag you're getting there (anything over 150 is problematic, and yours passed that at something like warp 9), and it's not all from Cogent. In fact, your entire trace is extremely laggy and outright timed out in spots (note the asterisks in your trace, those are missed packets of data).

I'd suggest a full power cycle of your router, PC and modem, for starters. Make sure that nothing else is utilizing your connection that can be eating bandwidth (P2P programs, Pando, etc.)

Try using one of the proxies and see if that helps you out any. Again, those numbers are absolutely atrocious for a trace and make me think something else is going on with your internet connection.
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