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# 1 Breen builds?
12-18-2012, 07:23 PM
What is everyone planning for their Breen ship?

Currently thinking of:

Breen 3 Pcs set. (Engines, Deflector, Shields)

In Front:
3x Advance Fleet Dual Heavy Disruptors (yes yes I know in STO they use Polaron but in DS9 it was Disruptors).
1x Advance Fleet Photon Torpedo.

2x Advance Fleet Disruptor Beam Banks.
2x Advance Fleet Disruptor Turrets.

Tactical Consoles:
4x Disruptor Induction Coils (Blue's or Purples) Either Mk X or Mk XI (depends what I can afford)

Science Consoles:
1x Ionized Gas Sensor
1x SubSpace Jumper
1x Emitter Array MkX or MkXI (Purple) (I extend shields all the time as a Engineer)

Engineering Consoles:
3x Neutronium Alloy Mk XI (Purple)

Still have a few days to pick up the consoles I don't have yet etc. Which will be good.

What are you guys thinking about?


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