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Right. So, as a foundry mission author, what motivation do I have to create missions now? With an exception of a -very- small group of people that actually play the foundry for the story content, 90% of people (that I know, and yes, that's quite a lot of people), play for the rewards.

They do giant space battle missions for the green+ items that drop from the larger ships and the FM rewards at the end. They do the ground missions for ground drops and FM rewards at the end. Not to mention the dilithium.

With your new "average time" system, the missions that takes a solo player 20+ minutes (that qualifies for rewards) takes a team 5 minutes. Then the mission gets flagged as unacceptable for rewards, and none of my missions no longer are played by the mass public.

So what solution can you offer me, as an author, to solve this? Should I start creating missions that take solo players an hour+ to finish, to make it so that teams of overpowered DPS can't cause my mission to be flagged with the evil red text of worthlesness?

As much as you guys at Cryptic want to insist everyone should play the missions for the story, people aren't going to do that. They need an incentive to do it, and you've successfully taken all of my "rewards" away that I can offer people to run my missions.

Recommendation: Cut dilithium and FM rewards by half. Reduce the "average" timer by half, if not more. Then when I have teams running my missions, it won't flag it as too quick of a mission. Heck, take the rewards down to 10 FM and 140 dilthium, and take the timer and mission cooldown away all together.

Throw me a bone here cryptic, you're making my missions completely undesireable from the majority of players.

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