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Hi all,

Don't know about the rest of you all, but as most players are starting to reach Tier 4 & 5 of the reputation system, I am beginning to worry about the very low hull points on most of the BOP's.

These ships were already a huge problem before Borg Tractor + cutting beam combos, and the Hyper-plasma torpedoes.

The bleed through of this direct dmg to hulls is out of proportion to what the hull can realistically soak-up. It takes a shorter time to obliterate the Hoh'Sus than it has time to cloak.

I don't even fly the Hoh'sus anymore. Even with full MKXII Purple Neu. Armour, or any other for that matter, this ship folds like a paper plane in a hail storm.

Before the reputation system, it stood a small chance of being viable. Not so much anymore.

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