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Originally Posted by curvygolem256 View Post
Hi. I've played since mid-Summer and was inactive for a couple of months. I've read around a bit but I'm still stuck on whether or not I'm doing things right. e.g. APB or APD? Is Aux important? Should i be using 2 field gens? Is Omega 2-set bonus worth it?

You obviously have more understanding about this stuff so I thought I'd ask for your advice, on how I could improve this for PvP. This would be limited to smaller teams or even 1v1s (inter-fleet stuff, you know the drill )

Class: Tactical Officer
Ship: Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit

Fore weapons
4x Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Acc] [CrtH]x2

Aft weapons
3x Phaser Turret Mk XII [Acc]x3

Omega Deflector Dish Mk XII (currently Aegis)
Omega Impulse Engine Mk XII (currently Aegis)
M.A.C.O. Resillient Shield Array Mk XII

Engineering Consoles
Neutronium Mk XII
Diburnium Hull Plating Mk XII / Cloaking Module
RCS Accelerator Mk XII

Science Consoles
2x Field Generator Mk XII (currently Mk XI rare)

Tactical Consoles
5x Phaser Relay Mk XII (currently Mk XI rare)

1x Damage Control Engineer (to cycle EPtS)
2x Conn Officer (to cycle APO)
3x Shield distribution officer

Btw, i'm also wondering if Phasers are really worth it, or if I should switch to disruptors (but i heard they only affect hull). My worry would be due to the elite fleet weapons being limited to the aforementioned, and everyone putting on the resists for them.
that all looks put together pretty well actually. APB tends to get erased by TT more often then not, but APD even if TT removes its debuf still grants you a resist bonus. aux is what your 2 sci abilities run on, the more you have the more they will heal. on a phaser using escort field gens arent a bad thing to slot. don't worry to much about mkXII purple consoles, their only slightly better and cost a fortune, especially field gens and phaser consoles..

the omega set with lots of flow cap and flow consoles is good at chipping away at your opponents shields extra, but more often then not your better off with the borg 2 part set for the free powerful hull heal. the aegis set pieces you have are giving you +10 to your evasion score, damage you don't take is damage you don't heal, so not a bad choice actually. you can carry all these things and swap between them depending on the situation. if you have lots of friendly heals coming at you you could go with a more offensive omega 2 part, if your on the defensive borg or aegis instead.

not having full EPtS up time is a bit of a problem, but if you often run with fleet mates that throw heals you should be fine. the damage control eng doff works best when running 2 different types of EPtX, so there are more chances for the doff to work. with only 1 copy of EPtS, consider running 3 of them. the conn doffs for APO and the distro doffs are very good and help this build just as much, tough call.

on the skill tree, i wouldn't put over 6 points in the energy performance skills. i would max Electro-Plasma Systems so EPtS gives its maximum benefit though. also reduce your energy armor to 6, and put those 3 points in threat control. 0-3 into that will give you more armor then 6-9 will in the energy armor skill. you could lower efficiency and potential down to 6 to scavenge some points for not much effect too. also you would only need flow cap if you used 2 part omega for the glider. 3 into the battery skill makes them last a good bit longer too. theres nothing significantly wrong with the skill build though.
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