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This is not a complaint department post. This is a list of malfunctions/inactive properties in the game that are either not working as advertised, not working at all, or not available as advertised. Anyone posting on this thread is expected to be helpful in identifying problems of this nature. This is not a place to cry about any spams or perceived overpowered/underpowered abilities in space or ground for pvp purposes. This is a post intended to enlighten the devs as to what is working, what is not and purchases from the Reputation/Starbase/Embassy that are either unavailable or not functioning as advertised. If I've repeated myself enough, it is because I am attempting to make it perfectly clear what this post is about. This post is about helping the dev team identify issues in game and for other players to post additional mechanics that are not working or are malfunctioning in game.


Boff inactive traits: Leadership/Covert Operative (Human Boffs neither provide passive hull healing at all, nor do they add any active skill boosts to subsystem repair as advertised/Romulan Tactical Officers purchased at the fleet embassy with the space trait Covert Operative do not provide the additional crit chance advertised to active space traits)

Kit Abilities that don't work as intended: Plasma Grenade IV is no different in stats from Plasma Grenade III, does no more damage than Plasma Grenade III, encompasses no larger AoE radius than Plasma Grenade III, is identical in every way with Plasma Grenade III

Store Unlocks that don't work: Upon unlocking this item in the reputation store Mk XII Borg Prosthetic Weapon is neither available, nor shows up as a purchaseable item in store

Reputation Passives that aren't working: Omega Graviton Amplifier, this passive does not show in combat logs as being active at all. It does not add the shield penetration that it advertises. It simply does nothing.

Sensor Probes Console: Does not provide additional detection potency, nor contributes to buff/debuff of sensor scan and fire on my mark officer abilities, nor increases defensive resistances to incoming countermeasure related attacks.

I'm sure that there are more in game mechanics, specialty purchases, etc. that are not working than the ones I have listed. This is an attempt to make the dev team aware of the issues we are having inside the game that are costing us resources yet yielding no benefit. Things we need fixed. Again, this is not the appropriate thread to discuss perceived imbalances, or complaints about how overpowered or underpowered certain things are. This thread is purely focused on the mechanics/unlocks that simply do not work at all.

So with that said, any that read this thread that have something to add that I missed in my list above, please add your input so the devs are aware and can help us to resolve these issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and contribute.

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