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12-20-2012, 05:03 AM
It's making the issues of power/ability spam that much worse by bring cool downs unnecessarily too far down.

It doesn't circumvent the global directly, but by bringing the cool down to global levels, with some abilities they are still having an effect while its ready to be used again. Whereas using the Team doffs only effects a specific Team, Technicians effect everything and provide additional benefits. In the past, if you wanted to protect or exploit (not the bad kind) something you tied up a couple of valuable ability slots. In this case you basically double up on everything and it costs a few doff slots with an Aux2Bat.

The standard, most basic, buils is two EPtS, two Teams, two weapon abilities, two heals like hazards or transfer shield strength. In this "niche" build you still get all that and then some because you upon up slots to include additional abilities. That is a more varied build by virtue of being exactly the same plus. Sure, compared to the current cool down reduction, a change would prevent people from almost perfectly chaining a single ability with itself. The real challenge then would be to fill that gap with one of the new abilities you gain by not doubling up AND having to consider cool downs.

We really need to bring the amount of ability spam from doffs, boffs, and universal (entirely unrestricted) consoles down. If having nearly twice as many abilities on a ship is the only way to make it useful then I agree, something definitely needs to be done for that ship somehow. I just don't understand the point of having cool downs at all if virtually negating them is ok.

It's not like this specifically is the biggest issue in the game but we keep spirally away from accessibility and tactics to spam and power creep.
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