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12-21-2012, 12:19 PM
I think you'll see a "free" bare-bones Ambassador, and then a Z-Store version. I am in the minority, but in suggesting this, but I still think there will be (3) variants like the Odyssey: A Sci, Tac, and an Eng, simply b/c different players want the Ambassador to serve a variety of roles. AND...if PWE makes the price comparative to an Odyssey, players will buy the bundle and just use the variation they want.

I also believe the "Probert -sketching" is coming not too far in the future also. But I have a feeling the Devs will introduce that as a "Mirror-ship". And, it would make sense, since that version was never shown on-screen.
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12-21-2012, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
This really depends.

If they're going to give the Ambassador away to everyone, then they're going to realistically need it to be a T5 ship. A T3 ship is nearly useless to anyone who plays the game long enough to really start spending cash on it, and all things considered the trip to level 50 is not the beginning of the end, more the end of the beginning.

It's very unfortunate that all the ships that are obtained during leveling are essentially thrown away; I can think of a few great uses for them. However, I do know that the Ambassador's give-away version being a T3 ship would be essentially trolling the playerbase, and I can't imagine the rabid backlash.
True, doesn't mean there still couldn't be a lower tier version though.

Take the Steamrunner bundle. It has a tier 1 and tier 5 (fleet level) ship. So a tier 1 to level with and take the console from, and a tier 5 to use at endgame.

Let em give everyone a tier 5 Ambassador, let em sell a C-store tier 5, let em sell a C-store tier 3, I'd get it all still.

I think if they got a free tier 5 Ambassador, people wouldn't really be made about lower tier ones. Let's be honest, there's virtually a guarantee of a C-store Ambassador regardless.
Originally Posted by pwlaughingtrendy
I remain empathetic to the concerns of my community, but do me a favor and lay off the god damn name calling and petty remarks. It will get you nowhere.
I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.
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12-21-2012, 04:44 PM
I for one strongly approve of the OPs build. With lt com science and lt+en tactical, it would be like a hybrid of star cruiser and assault cruiser and fill the void of a non-oddy lt com science cruiser. A science/multipurpose focus seems like the best fit for the ship.
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12-21-2012, 04:44 PM
I am in the minority, but in suggesting this, but I still think there will be (3) variants like the Odyssey: A Sci, Tac, and an Eng
I really, really hope that they do it like this.

Sci - Yamaguchi
Eng - Probert Ambassador
Tac - Suricata's Rigel-class

I'd wet myself in happiness.
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12-21-2012, 05:04 PM
A T5 version just doesnt sound right to me for some reason
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if there's a t5 version, it should come with a Bellerophon-Techology skin (I can't remember what that whole line was called).. basically a "2409 era" re-envisioning of the spaceframe.

So what you get is the freebie classic version, then the ZStore expansion version which comes with the classic enterprise C, the Yamaguchi upgrade parts, and then the 2409 Shiny White high tech future model.

That's my wish, anyways.
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Why not a T5 Ambassador. You have a T5 Excelsior. Which is a smaller, less powerful ship than the Ambassador. The Ambassador is a between ship of the Excelsior and Galaxy. As you can see it in the design. Just for some odd reason it never did make it to the shows/movies like it should have. I'm sure the Federation built plenty of them, other than what they showed. A lot of the times, the shows would use "Stock Footage" of something they took already. To save time and money on the show. Which is another reason why the Ambassador wasn't shown as much.

I hope to see it as a T5. Considered it bought and used on the game when they do.
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12-21-2012, 06:28 PM
how about an ambassador battle cruise with 3 commanders only.

a tactial
a science
a engeneering

all with 4 slots each

2 fighter wing bays.
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12-21-2012, 06:33 PM
aslong as it looks awesome i'll take it.
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12-21-2012, 07:55 PM
which ambassador look good to you?

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