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12-21-2012, 01:26 PM
Tested it during the Holodeck Patching, and not sure what to think.

The Adapted Set: Overall, its okay, just a copy and paste of the other side. But disappointed we couldn't mix the Adapted Set with the original MK12 sets.

Romulan / Reman Mk12 Set: I mainly tested the Romulan Set and found it either slightly better or en par with the MACO MK12 Set. But noticed that the Romulan 3-Piece BUFF kept going off, so I'm guessing that wasn't supposed to be happening. Also is these sets supposed to have a look?

Romulan Space Weapon Set: While mentioned above there was the wrong Torpedo, I found that Hyper Torpedo set from the vendor to be WAY over powered. The High Yield Impacts individually were as powerful as Tricobalts, and the Plasma DOT was able to cook a good 50% of a Borg sphere and 100% Borg Probes.

I tested against BORG on Elite Setting from the Assimilation mission (Space the Borg were same level) and while on a Chimera Plasma Beam boat, I literally was tearing up the Borg left and right. Only damage I received was plasma fires from my own weapons and the one Undine Plasma Torpedo that landed on me.

Romulan Flame Thrower: 2 Words: HOLY LAGSTORM!

Someone mentioned trying out on Borg, I did the same from the ground portion of the assimilation mission and while I found the effect to be weak.

EDIT: Arc commented the lag is already being looked at.

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