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12-21-2012, 03:02 PM
Aye, it worked and now I have a new program (new to me anyway) to decompress files!

Thank you for sharing.
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# 92 Thanks!
12-21-2012, 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by eskiss766 View Post
here guys i hope it'll work fine
This worked!!! Thank you!!!
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# 93 dont work
12-21-2012, 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by eskiss766 View Post
here guys i hope it'll work fine still doesnt work.. =(
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12-22-2012, 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by theodun View Post still doesnt work.. =(

No worky for me either.
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# 95 Still No Work!
12-22-2012, 11:05 PM
Here is my exact problem okay.

So it says "trying to connect to launcher, please be patient, tried connecting 1 time" and then it says "tried connecting 2 times" and that patch error pops up with that old message "the patch-client got a message while in a state with no response function" and that 9.3 MB manual launcher download worked except it stopped working on the 21st of December when the new patch arrived and now it doesn't work and I cant find my "directory" because i have windows XP not windows 7 so instead I have a "archive" and I don't know what to do with that and that link that's 2 posts above me doesn't work so what i'm saying is we need that guy to upload the 21st of December version of that 9.4 MB launcher because that 3.2 MB thing didn't work for me.

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12-22-2012, 11:15 PM
I don't know if this will help but I was having trouble logging in as people have previously mentioned. Anyway I was using that Hotspot Shield thing but decided to have a look at something else instead.

I went into my PWE account and reset the Browser Safeguard and Computer Safeguard part of the Account Safeguard (Delete the computer the client is registered for and get it to send you a new email-code etc), figuring that that's probably whats causing the issue as it hasn't updated to an IP change or something.

Anyways, its worked for me and now I cn log on normally once again.

- Raith
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I THOUGHT THE 1ST POST HERE WAS THE LATEST, I WAS WRONG! 1st post needs to be EDITED/UPDATED! It is NOT the DEC 13th version it is Nov 27th version!

SOLUTION was Different Cryptic Game Launcher
Please see my Forum Post Reply:
_ File Name: Star Trek Online.exe
_ File Version: 2012.12.20.650
_ Internal Name: CL_2012_12_20_06_50
_ File Name: Star Trek Online.exe
_ File Version: 2012.11.27.1759
_ Internal Name: CL_2012_11_27_17_59
HOWEVER, the post here titled "Cryptic Launcher Autoupdate Problem"
Specifically reply #35 has the solution:
Originally Posted by eskiss766 View Post
here guys i hope it'll work fine

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12-23-2012, 01:25 PM

when your launcher hangs at patching and nothing happens(after your client crashed), you should close the launcher and look at your task manager if a cryptic process is running. There is sometimes a running process(i.e. game client that was not killed properly) that blocks the launcher from accessing the .patch folder.
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Originally Posted by ga1en View Post
Hi there. I've seen a lot of people having problems launching the game due to a Cryptic Autoupdater problem with the launcher. For some people replacing thier current launcher with a working copy of the latest worked to get them out of the Autoupdate problem. This may be a solution.

This is the latest version of the launcher as of December 13

From Media Fire file sharing site:

Updated Star Trek Launcher in 7zip format. 3.7mb

Updated Star Trek Launcher actual file. 9.4mb

From Upurload file sharing site as of Dec 13

Updated Star Trek Launcher in 7zip format. 3.7mb

Updated Star Trek Launcher actual file. 9.4mb

Simply download either the 4mb 7zip file and extract to your ST Online directory or download the 9.4 mb uncompressed file and copy to your ST Online directory.

If you don't know where the directory is but use a desktop shortcut, right click on the shortcut and select "open file location" to go to the directory.

Hopefully this will fix your autoupdate problem.


Another thing you can try is renaming the .patch directory in the Star Trek Online/Live directory to something else like "old .patch".

That directory contains all the patch data for the launcher. Removing it worked for some people, but i prefer to rename so i can easily restore things back to before i was fooling around.

This actually worked for me as well after a crash resulted in the launcher coming up but being stuck in the patching... part without it ever patching.


One last thing you can do is change your IP if you are using a dynamic IP.

The easiest way to change your IP is to turn off your modem and router for around 5-10 minutes.

To check if your IP changed first go to the website What is my IP.

Then turn off the modem and router if any.

Note that the modem and router must be turned off as in no power to the items. Simply flicking the on/off switch works for most modems but routers usually have to be unplugged. There should be no lights showing on both items.

Wait 5-10 minutes and turn everything back on.

Then check the site again to see if your IP changed. If not try it again as sometimes you get the same IP address.

If it changed try STO and see if it can update.

If this fails, the other thing to try is to turn off your modem and routers for around 8 hours then turn them on again and check to see it the IP changed.

If you do download the files, please post to say if it worked or not. I'd like to know.

Final note: If this works, make a new folder called Latest launcher and copy both the launcher and the .patch directory into it. This way if the problem hits you again you can easily do the workaround again.

In the past week I had this problem hit me three times. The first 2 times it fixed itself after trying to run the game a few times. The third time I lost a day and had to go onto the net and the forums to gather data to resolve my problem. This is the result.

If anyone else had the Autoupdate problem and were able to resolve it please drop a post as I'd like to see if we can consolidate all the potential workarounds into a single post so people won't have to keep making new threads on the same issue.

Thanks in advance.

ok guys! I've finally found a simple but effective solution!!!

I tried everything mentioned above, nothing worked...

But then I found...

The problem IS your internet connection!!!

I just connected to the internet using my phone(used as a modem, 3G network) it downloads about 5mb of data... Login using your perfect world account & Password...

When it starts to patch I disconnect my phone and connect using broadband (I have a limited data plan on my phone)... the patch resumes in 5 secs... an voila! FIXED!!!

I hope this helps... just try different internet connections for logging in...
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Hi all and sorry about the delay in updating my post. Guild Wars 2 and Christmas parties kinda sucked all my time.

I'll be uploading the Dec 20 launcher ASAP and I am currently updating right now. In the meantime eskiss776's upload does work in case you need it now. That is the same launcher that i will be uploading.

I downloaded that launcher and tried it on another computer and it does indeed work and lets the launcher update past the autoupdate problem.

Will keep you posted on when I finish the update and upload the new launchers.

Edit: Update completed and the mediafire files have been updataed to the Dec 20 version.

Edit 2: I keep getting timeouts whenever i upload to upurload and have been ever since i started on that file sharing site so i am giving up on that site as it is a hassle to constantly try to upload a single file and have to wait 10 to 15 minutes before it either timeouts or actually uploads the file.

Sorry for all those relying on it but it is too annoying to do so.

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