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Well...can't find much information on this boat. I guess not alot of people play it/like the look (personally, I'm digging on the whole "Floating Eyeboat" Anyway.

I'm an engineer captain, Already got my cruiser and escorts set up the way I want them, and thought I'd get started on a science boat. Oddly, I'ld like to be a sort of healboat/support vessel - For 200,000 Fleet Credits, it doesn't seem like too much of a hassle to nab one of these things, but I could use some help with some build advice for my aformentioned playstyle.

To my, uneducated eyes, it seems like it could get the job done nicely - what with the 3 science stations, 4 science slots, 4 engineer slots, and a engineer station. Turnrate and what have you doesn't seem to bad either.

I guess all in all, I'd just like some info on this little monster. Anyone got some thoughts they'd care to drop into the reply box - that would be lovely.

Hope ya'll had a wonderful apocalypse, and a better weekend. Thanks for any reply!


Edit: I realize the fleet versions is probably better, but not too keen on nabbing fleet modules for a ship I'll only be able to use on one toon - I'm not a hardcore min/maxer - but I do like to perform well in what I do.

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