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12-22-2012, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by kaiserkacto View Post
You are a Galaxy class starship.
I can do anything you can do too. Better, stronger, faster, larger, more accomodating, more intelligent - you're an amiable sort open to adventure without being a recluse. You mix well with company and are quite polite.
You are an Olympic Class starship.

You think you can do anything that every ship can do, only faster and better. You deny failure when it happens and take credit that isn't yours. After all, compared to other starships your main hull is so swollen with pride that it dwarfs the rest of you.

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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post

You are an Excelsior class starship.
For you, the new transwarp drive. The bleeding edge is risky, but not nearly as bad as sticking around with everybody else.

Not bad, not bad.
That makes 2 of us.
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12-22-2012, 01:37 AM
I got the Sovereign. ^_^

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!
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12-22-2012, 01:46 AM
You are a Sovereign class starship.
You just have to be on the cutting edge of things, and have to be the best at everything - in other words, you're a perfectionist who just won't back down.

I hate the Sovereign. It's the ultimate Mary Sue ship...
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12-22-2012, 07:01 AM
I got constitution....

I can haz joystick!
MMOs aren't charities. Corporations are supposed to make a profit. It's what they do.
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You are the Scimitar.
Screw them, you're going somewhere with your life. You've got the right combination of spunk, attitude, and strength to do so, too... maybe.

Although it sounds cool.. it really doesn't sound like me >.>'
Your Heavy Graviton Beam deals 26470 (10583) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to Assimilated Carrier.
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You are an Akira or Defiant class.... YAAY!!!
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12-22-2012, 07:55 AM
You are a Galaxy class starship.

I wasn't expecting that. At least I got the best-looking cruiser.
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12-22-2012, 08:02 AM
You are a Galor class starship.
The Galor is more or less the standard warship of the Cardassian Empire. You appear to be something of a dutiful traditionalist, although you may not get to play with all the shiny toys.

A Romulan Strike Team, Missing Farmers and an ancient base on a Klingon Border world. But what connects them? Find out in my First Foundary mission: 'The Jeroan Farmer Escapade'
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12-22-2012, 08:13 AM
You are a Borg cube

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